Tuesday, August 23, 2011

US Photovoltaic Market Witnessing Strong Growth Momentum

PRLog (Press Release) - Aug 23, 2011 - According to our new research report, "US Photovoltaic Market Analysis", the US is rapidly emerging as the most potential PV market globally. Factors such as the strong regulatory support and increasing acceptance in commercial and residential consumer segments are contributing a lot to the growth of US Photovoltaic market.  After recording a CAGR of 34% in annual installed PV capacity during 2002-2006, the industry registered an impressive growth rate of around 59% in 2010 over the previous year. In-line with the annual PV installations, the cumulative PV capacity is also posting significant growth. The cumulative installed capacity is expected to reach 8.2 GW by 2014 from its 2010 level of just 2.2 GW.

Our researchers have revealed that PV cells and modules trade is developing fast on account of decreasing production costs and increasing domes audi tic & international demand. Demand for the US manufactured PV cells and module is strong in the Asia-Pacific market, where domestic production of these cells is small. Imports of PV-related items in the US reached US$ 1.6 Billion in 2009, while exports reached US$ 2.3 Billion during the same year.

The report, "US Photovoltaic Market Analysis", effectively discusses about the opportunities that US photovoltaic ind aston martin ustry provides to the key participants. The report also investigates the current market trends and analyzes their impact on the industry's performance. The trends have been indentified taking into account the key market developments, the level of importance, and private-public sector participation.

The report is an outcome of an extensive research and in-depth analysis of the US Photovoltaic market rc helicopter and car market place that illustrates the market developments through reliable statistics and proper content flow. Forecasting in key areas of the report makes use of suitable methods and techniques that seek to establish a realistic market outlook. Moreove alfa romeo r, a detailed inclusion of active players' description and recent developments measures the involvement level of key companies in the US Photovoltaic sector. Overall, the report is a complete source of knowledge and all the important statistics that will prove decisive for potential clients.

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