Thursday, August 11, 2011

A sweeping heart-tugging historical romance story brought to life by skilfully crafted characters

PRLog (Press Release) - Aug 11, 2011 - The Plot A summer evening's chance encounter throws together two people of opposite social class who, despite a natural mutual attraction, should never have met. Kathryn Fitzpatrick is a lady, the daughter of a much-respected ge buick ntleman. The Fitzpatricks are loved and revered throughout English society, yet Kathryn has never conformed. She is impulsive, ruled by her heart. When she meets Duncan Brown, a lowly gardener on her father's estate, a special love is ignited. He understands and admires her. Before long an affair develops; a forbidden affair of love, passion and lust, totally unacceptable to Kathryn's family.  Her life begins to spiral out of control. Her family deem her capricious ways to be a burden and her mother sees marriage as the only solution–family honour is at stake. Her elder brother Richard arranges for her to marry Mr Jonathan Lockland, a powerful gentleman of strong will who is adored by many. He seems perfect to keep Kathryn in check. Unspeakable secrets, hidden scandals, blackmail and dark passions convolute and Kathryn's life is manipulated for selfish gain. Kathryn struggles to find some happiness. Yet when Richard is found dying he sends for Kathryn and discloses how she has been deceived. Now she must fight for the man she deeply loves, and tell him all, but it is not an easy journey.

Author Victoria Hinton says: "I have long had an interest in the life and times of Regency England and so, together with my compel alfa romeo ling urge to write, it seemed a good place to start. It was, of course, Jane Austen's world of horse-drawn carriages, where the old feudal agricultural system started to meet the new industrial era. It was also a time when extremely strict rules of courtship and marriage had to be adhered to and the class system was a acura t its peak. Mine is not the first narrative to explore human attraction between people of differing social standing. Often, throughout history, it has been an unrequited love that dare not even be mentioned. To love above your station was frowned upon. In my novel, however, Kathryn and Duncan reciproc aston martin ated their feelings for each other and were determined to pursue happiness. It was a difficult road to travel and paved with a myriad of obstacles; but as all true romanticists know, true love will always prevail..."

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