Sunday, August 21, 2011

Adding Insulation to Historic Homes

PRLog (Press Release) - Aug 19, 2011 - In my personal opinion, historic homes have a unique style and history that will always remain unrivaled by new developments. Many historic properties, like those found in Brookline, have to follow strict rules during the renovation process in order to maintain their integrity and meaning within a commu auto part nity. Spray foam insulati alfa romeo on is  cost-efficient, effective way to increase efficiency in older homes.

A hundred years ago contractors did not have the technology and tools to fully understand the importance of insulation and where it is placed; more often than not it was improperly installed. Pulling apart walls to insulate them with fiberglass is not only expensive but also antiquated- in recent years products have been invented that are more efficient and safe than fiberglass. Sprayfoam is one of the newest types of insulation and it's great for older homes because it can be blasted into the walls in a non-invasive nature. The spray foam also dries without expanding so it won't put your walls at risk of damage due to cracking.

As gas prices creep up and consumers are looking to save more and more, ferrari or wondering if they can afford to buy or keep their historic home they should seriously consider speaking to a seasoned, licensed, contrac chrysler tor that will guide them in how to renovate with green initiatives while still preserving the beauty of an older home.

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