Friday, July 22, 2011

Dare2Wine participated in the 2011 Stepmother Invitational Golf Tournament

PRLog (Press Release)– Jul 21, 2011– Sponsored in part by, the Stepmother Invitational Golf Tournament is held every year as a fundraising event for that year's charitable organization. This time the event congregated about 70 players. Each year, players participate by coming in from all over the United States for one weekend in the Carson City area of Nevada. Golfers competed and mingled throughout the event on and off the field to create a sociable environment that was driven by more than the desire to win, but to support the Stepmother motto which was the basis for the entire tournament, "It's for the children." This year, that motto rang especially true as the tournament raised $25,000 for the College of Adaptive Arts.

Proceeds of the event went to help the College of Adaptive Arts, a non-profit organization dedicated to the a rc helicopter and car market place -martin">aston martin ttainment of growth and education of its students. Their mission statement: "To offer certificate, diploma and community action programs in the performing and visual arts to adults with differing abilities." More information about CAA can be found on their website at http://www.c auto part

Dare2Wine is proud to support the efforts of car news Stepmother and CAA and will continue to help sponsor and support their mission to creating a better future for all of us.

Dare2Wine is a California based Internet Company working with small wine producers to bring specialty and quality wines from Argentina and other World regions, and can be found at

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