Monday, July 25, 2011

Arizona Solar Company awarded $38.4 Million Contract

PRLog (Press Release)– Jul 23, 2011– A South American solar farm will utilize the services of an Arizona Solar company.

Beginning August 2011, Global US Solar in collaboration with a Florida energy corporation will supply 30 Mw of Canadian Solar Inc. solar modules to a undisclosed South American solar farm.

The location of the solar farm has yet to be released by GUSS or by CSI. Wendy Flynn of Global US Solar has been working diligently with the Florida energy company to launch a new global campaign that offers the solar modules to it's end us audi ers at a dramatically lower price than if you were going to the manufacturer direct.

"How can you do dodge that?" we asked Wendy. She stated that since Global US Solar buys in volume from other manufacturers  and has now sold over 65 Mw of solar modules in the 1st half of the year throughout the globe her company can get lower prices locked in where others can not and passes on the savings to its end users while still making a  "fair" commission.

"We do not escalate our prices like many other companies that sell modules globally" states George Galvan (Owner of Global US Solar) Galvan also states "We have many direct distributorships worldwide to include Italy, Spain, Germany, USA , China and are in negotiations with India currently to be able to provide much lower pricing than they offer now in that country with greater efficiency."

Global US Solar has also recently launched an initiative to promote 8 simultaneous major concerts across the United States to educate the United States car news about renewable energy. 50% of the net proceeds from these concerts will go to the purchase of solar energy systems that will be donated to schools, childre bmw ns hospitals, orphanages and community centers across the United States.

Galvan states "Our mission is to help children. Our plan is to build an orphanage as well as a Drug and Alcohol Rehab center that is affordable and maintained by funding from these programs and future programs. Children do not have a choice at times like adults do. Adults make the decisions and the children have to pay the price. We want to make a difference and have a solution instead of standing by and being part of the problem."

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