Wednesday, June 8, 2011

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PRLog (Press Release)– Jun 08, 2011– The gore in this series is just enough to display the truth of the darker world of vampires. But it isn't overloaded with blood and organs to turn it into an obsessive blood film. There is a wonderful balance between the horror, fantasy and romance. And it works. It definitely does. It even made me tear up at one point (when...something something, insert spoiler here. LOL.)

Though, admittedly, the opening seemed like, "Ugh, another Twilight" with how Elena was introduced and how Stefan became part of the plot. (And admit it, when you read twilight, you imagined that Elena and Stefan would've been perfect for Bella and Edward. I mean, look at Stefan's hair and body! Elena's skin! Okay...enough.) dvd-boxs ...

But the mom auto part ent supposedly evil brother and secret master plan comes in, oh wow. And when you think you know where the series is headed, you're wrong. Yet again. Which only makes the series righter every time.

The direction is fantastic. The actors and actresses were expressive, though not exaggerated. None of that whispery crap we hear from Twilight (or that five hundred blinks per minute from Bella). The smallest twitches and most unimportant moves made everything seem believable and realistic. Down to the last details of how they speak, alfa romeo how they look at each other--perfect acting. Especially for Ian Somerhalder, Matthew Davis, Candice Accola, Malese Jow and Sara Canning--all performances were impeccable. -dvd-boxs ...

I really have to commend this show for having a strong-minded female lead that doesn't cry and try rc helicopter and car market place to kill herself when her boyfriend dumps her. Some people have called her naive, but she's 17 for Christ's sake!

It's good that the show has moved away from a high-school drama to focusing on the town's history and it's supernatural roots. I think that some of the supporting cadillac characters (Matt and Caroline) need to either get interesting, or get out. As for the Salvatore brothers, their scenes are amazing and they have great chemistry, whether they're fighting or teasing each other. Damon rules, and 1086274749  is definitely the main reason I watch this show. oxs ...

Overall, this show is worth watching. It's probably one of the most entertaining PG-13 rated shows this season (I'm used to HBO, and any show that doesn't have tits and dongs flying all over the place and can still keep me interested has something going for it). This isn't True Blood, but it'll do until June.

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