Monday, June 6, 2011

Katie Rox Releases Third Album with the Help of some Heavy Hitting Friends

PRLog (Press Release)– Jun 06, 2011– Since her departure from Jakalope seve dodge ral years ago, Katie Rox has quickly established herself as a solo act. Having toured the country extensively, Rox is ready to release her third album "Pony Up". It was recorded in an exclusive little recording studio known as…her spare bedroom, but not without the help of some widely respected musicians and friends.

"When you are self-funded, you need to get creative about how and where you spend your hard earned money. I was fortunate enough to know Paul Forgues (The Odds, Barenaked Ladies) who tours the world recording live shows for bands.  I asked him if the gear he takes with him on tour c chevrolet ould be set up in my apartment.  Once he agreed, it put my thoughts in motion for who else would be interested in this experiment."

When world-renowned drummer Pat Steward agreed to bring the "world's quietest drum kit" to Katie's apartment, she knew she was o aston martin nto something.  Other guests on the album include indie darling Sidney York, BCCMA & CCMA nominated guitarist Jesse Tucker and long time friend and collaborator Sébastien Lefebvre (Simple Plan).

"Sebastien and I released an EP together over the holidays of 2010. When he released his latest EP early in 2011, it included a duet with the two of us so I thought it was quite perfect to include another duet on my EP too".

The trick to working with Lefebvre is that he lives in Montreal while Rox is based in Vancouver.  Thanks to the Internet, the two friends have been able to write and record multiple songs together.  Says Rox, "Our third band member is Skype".

Katie was also able to get some of her favorite musicians and friends on the album without them ever having to leave the comforts of their respective homes in Calgary – slide/dobro player Sam Masterton and college friend and violin player Heather Bourne.  Once again, the Internet played a key role in getting their tracks into the mix.

None of this came easy though. Just as Katie was about to start recording the album, she suffered a vocal cord hemorrhage 1086274749  that left her unable to sing rc helicopter and car market place for a month. She continued to move forward using whatever demos she had previously recorded to get the instrumental tracks down before she could finally sing again.   "Paul (engineer) had a prior commitment and was gone for a month after recording.  When I could finally sing again after all of the instruments had been recorded, I did all of the vocal recordings on my own.  If they gave out awards purely based on perseverance, I think I'd get one!"

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