Sunday, June 5, 2011

Kansas City Auto Repair Shop Educates Women, Students about Caring for Cars

PRLog (Press Relea acura se)– Jun 04, 2011– Sallas Auto Repair in Kansas City, MO is passionate about cars and educating drivers about how to care for their cars. After years of witnessing several women be ripped off by other auto repair shops, Sallas began "car care clinics" to educate drivers about caring for their vehicles.

"We began our car care clinics after I met a woman who was taken advantage of by another auto repair shop. They overcharged her, and encouraged her to do work to her car that wasn't needed. I decided that our shop needed to help the community and educate all drivers about caring for their vehicles," said Nick Sallas of in Kansas City, MO.

The car care clinics were an instant hit among women who enjoyed learning about how to care for their cars, and protect their pocketbooks. Soon after, the clinics began reaching other drivers such as young teenagers just getting their first cars, or even men who had never worked under the hood of a car.

" bmw People have really loved our car care clinics, and especially women and car news new drivers," said Sallas. "They walk away ecstatic, praising the class for everything they've learned. Attendees have saved thousands of dollars through preventative maintenance. We've even helped one customer keep his '01 Buick running although it has over 500,000 miles on it."

Car care clinics involve a presentation th aston martin at covers fluid levels, how to check the tires, understanding the dashboard 1086274749  lights and more. After the presentation, certified technicians from Sallas Auto Repair meet with every participant personally to go through their personal vehicle.

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