Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How To Get A Date In This Town? Marla Martenson: Dating Expert, Best-Selling Author Tells All

PRLog (Press Release)– Jun 28, 2011– Marla Martenson is a certified life and dating coach, author and motivational speaker. Early in her career, Marla turned her talent for dating into a full time profession, helping the rich and famous find their soul mates. She went on to become an author of two relationship advice books plus her memoir, Diary of a Beverly Hills Matchmaker. Marla and her hus audi band reside in Los Angeles, where she continues to bring her considerable matchmaking expertise to the fast paced multi-taskers of Southern California. Marla has been featured on The Today Show, WGN Chicago Morning News, KUSI San Diego Morning Show, Urban Rush, San Diego Living and Better TV, as well as over fifty radio shows including Coast to Coast AM and The Cooper Lawrence Show.

Besides being a best-selling author, Marla Martenson works as a professional matchmaker; her web site is Cupid For Hire. She's written "Excuse Me, Your Soul Mate is Waiting." For the countless single women in America who wish for a personal dating coach Marla's other book "Good Date, Bad Date," is the perfect guide, with the secrets to succ acura essful dating. Marla teaches that the Law of Attraction can help bring that special love into one's life, with practical approaches to finding Mr. or Mrs. Right. Marla challenges daters to stop being victims and take control of their lives. Marla third hilarious book is "Dairy of a Beverly Hills Matchmaker," and all Marla's books have been translated into several languages.

Marla Martenson' company is called Cupid For Hire, a boutique matchmaking company located in Los Angeles. She also delivers dynamic presentations that are energetic, uplifting, informative and motivating - attendees all leave feeling good with fun and effective action steps to take. Marla has terrific stories she shares of dating strategies and tips from her years as a matchmaker. She maintains that many people don't rea alfa romeo lize what can turn off someone and make them change their mind about going on a second date.

Marla Martenson is interviewed live on 92.5 KYHY or by podcast on Deborah Dachinger's web site. Deborah Dachinger's "Dare to Dream" radio show is a multi-award winning radio show that inspires listeners through solid guidance & great interviews. Dare to Dream Radio enlightens and entertains listeners in an exciting paradigm that intertwines metaphysics with a talk show. It's a show that's key and much needed during a time of great change and potential challenges. People are looking for the light, moving towards a new way of living and doing business and at its core finding ways to make their hopes and dreams come true. Each 1-hour radio segment includes Deborah's theme for the day and an interview guest who share how they achieved their dream. While conversation is always lively and fun, audiences get to know each guest and the host on a personal basis. Dachinger is passionate about sharing with the world the thriving guests she interviews from all 1086274749  walks of life, ages, and backgrounds, who have succeeded in achieving noteworthy goals, thus creating inspirational on-air conversation.

"Dare to Dr car news eam" a well-known,a ward-winning radio program on 92.5 KYHY. hosted weekly by Deborah Dachinger. Al shows can be heard live on 92.5 KYHY out of Burbank, California or on podcast through iTunes and also http://www.deborahdachinger.com/interview-archives.

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