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DyoCore, Inc. Wind and Solar “Green” Energy Products Delight Customers

PRLog (Press Release)– Jun 01, 2011– Carlsbad, CA, July 1st, 2011

The DyoCore SolAir, a proprietary low profile design, combines both wind and solar as an alternative energy source consisting of a small wind turbine with three rotating blades, a 64" radius, weighing approximately 60lbs with a solar panel measuring approximately 40 square inches integrated into the turbines proprietary fin assembly.  This unique design allows both wind and sun to generate energy, leveraging multiple weather conditions, for maximum efficiency.  Multiple SolAir units in combination with additional solar can be installed to maximize energy output. SolAir is typically mounted along the roof line fo residential and commercial buildings.  The SolAir turbine is also unique in that it can generate energy with "small wind" measuring as little as six miles per hour in addition to heavier wind, up to 60 miles per hour.  This unique "small wind" feature allows energy generation in the most desirable locations – the average home.

SolAir's small wind design was a key factors in the unanimous San Diego County Board of Supervisors fall 2010 approval to increase installation of small wind alternative energy products from two units to five units for residences, thus enhancing alternative energy options for San Diego residents.  

San Diego county residents, Al & Penny Merrit, had 2 DyoCore SolAir wind turbines on the roof of their three story home by dodge San Diego Small Wind and Solar ("San Diego Small Wind"), the exclusive distributor in San Diego County for DyoCore products.  Mr. Merrit stated, "The installation of 2 units by San Diego Small Wind took approximately 2 days to install and configure.  The SolAir wind turbines are installed on my roof along with 2 � cadillac �combined solar panels, taking advantage of the roof line to make the home visually appealing. I am so happy to save money while doing my part to be environmentally responsible".  

David Raines, CEO corsa and founder of DyoCore, says, "Once one customer makes an installation in their neighborhood it is common for other residents and motorists to stop to ask the resident or business owner what type of wind turbine they have installed, as they are visually appealing with a low profile.  Today, most people are interested in how they can adopt green products, but may not understand what they can do to help the environment.  In addition, many auto part people don't realize that they are likely to qualify for state incentives and federal income tax credits upon installation, equal to upwards of 50% to 70% of the total system costs, thus expediting the return on investment."

Pete's Auto in San Luis Obispo echoes Mr. Raines sentiment, "In addition to saving on my electric bill monthly, with the installation of over 10 SolAir units, I've actually increased my customer base.  Motorists stop by to ask me about the turbine installation on the roof of my one story industrial building, and in the process ask me about my automotive services".

Mr. Raines concluded, "The unique and proprietary design, including the small footprint, of the DyoCore SolAir products allows our distributors to design and install the system quickly for homeowners and businesses. The small wind feature combined with solar panels allows for electricity generation on sunny days with little wind or windy days with/without sun, making the SolAir product ideal for many parts of the country during almost any conditions".

About DyoCore, Inc. DyoCore, Inc. is the developer and manufacturer of a proprietary combined wind and solar alternative energy source.  DyoCore's SolAir product is designed to be roof mounted on residential and small commercial buildings, harnessing both the alternative energy sources of wind, at both low and high wind velocity, and solar power.   DyoCore's SolAir product can offset a residential or small commercial building's electricity needs, in dense populated areas with ideal average winds of 10 miles per hour or greater, making the Sol Air solution ideal for many areas of the country.  The SolAir is visually appealing because of its low profile 1086274749  modern design and small size, making it ideal for residences as well as small commercial buildings.


DyoCore, Inc. and San Diego Small Wind and Solar, Inc. do not guarantee any customer or potential customer that they will be eligible for any federal tax credit or that any tax credit or rebate, whether federal, state, local or public or private industry will be available to them, nor do DyoCore, Inc. or San Diego Small Wind and Solar, Inc. purport to offer any tax or business advice.

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