Thursday, May 19, 2011

What Is Thermo Cool?

PRLog (Press Release)– May 19, 2011– What Is ThermoCool™

ThermoCool™ Powered by Thermonomics is a patented product scientifically formulated to increase heat transfer in A/C and refrigeration systems. Thermonomics, the engine behind ThermoCool™, was originally developed by three scientists and awarded a U.S. patent after 20 years of development and testing, with no negative effects on equipment. Thermonomics improves the ef car news ficiency of air conditioners, chillers, and refrigerant systems, thereby reducing the cost of operation. it reflects a very powerful and very real idea: the process of turning waste energy into usable dollars.

"Thermo Cool" -

What's The Problem With My Air Conditioning System?

Air conditioning and refrigeration units are your home or business facility's biggest � buick ��energy guzzlers," and can account for over 70% of your electric bill… even when they're new and operating perfectly. After just a few years, these cooling systems start to rapidly lose their efficiency because of oil migration and other chemical buildups, costing you even more money.  

ThermoCool™ - r acura everses and permanently prevents this build-up with a simple one-time application of our patented restorative agent, which was specially engineered for this purpose by a Dupont surface chemist. The process typically takes no more time and is no more complicated than adding Freon to your system. No down time. No interruptions. As a result, your equipment cools more efficiently, runs less, and therefore consumes less electricity.  

Thermonomics® is a space age, patented product scient bmw ifically formulated to increase heat transfer in HVAC and refrigeration systems. Thermonomics refrigerant enhancer was originally developed by three scientists and was awarded a US Patent after 20 years of development and testing.

The refrigerant in your system contains an amount of refrigerant oil specified by the equipment manufacturer. Over a period of time, this oil has a tendency to collect all of the impurities inside the system (as an example, oxidation from the welding process, varnish from the compressor windings, etc.) and form a stagnant insulating layer which impairs heat transfer.

FEMP 1086274749  (Federal Energy Management Program) reports that the addition of Thermonomics® resulted in the following outcomes in the installations tested:

Reduced operating costs Extended capacity Reduce run time Reduced mechanical friction Extended equipment life Quieter operation Click Here To Read Some Frequently Asked Questions

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