Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Global Green USA To Honor Mark Ruffalo and Ed Begley; Know Their Green Works

s initiatives, is set to happen on the fourth of June.

Inspired by the efforts of Ruffalo, Begley and other environmentalists, joins the green bandwagon. The site introduces a line of green cleaning products such as a 100% toxic free bed bug killer to promote healthy living.

The 13 going 30 star Ruffalo will basically receive the Entertainment Industry Environmental Leadership Award. As an environmentalist, the actor's most notable green work is his strong support to the campaign to ban hydrofracking. He had even appeared before the Congress in behalf of the issue thus catching the attention of the public about. Additionally, he founded Water Defense, an organization educating the public of the threats to drinking water and providing them tools prompt action.

The long-time environmentalist Ed Begley Jr., on the other hand, will get the Individual Environmental Leadership Award. This is to honor his lifelong efforts to help the environment. Begley has been living the green life long before it became a trend. His green commitment has helped paved the way for other celebrities to go green and be an inspiration themselves to others.

Celebrity presenters Kevin Bacon, Jaime Lee Curtis, Kyra Sedgwick, Christopher Guest and other stars will be joining Ruffalo and Begley in the event.

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"On the fourth of June, Global Green USA will hold the 15th Annual Millennium Awards. And on that day, the green organization will honor Mark Ruffalo and Ed Begley for their works to help foster a more sustainable earth."

"Several other green celebrities are said to attend the green event that will raise funds for the organization's green initiatives. Kevin Bacon, Jamie Lee Curtis, Kyra Sedqwick and Christopher Guest are some of the event's celebrity presenters."

"Mark Ruffalo will receive the Entertainment Industry Environmental Leadership Award. It is basically for his dedication to help the environment. His commitment is clear in his support to the campaign to ban hydrofracking. Also, he has started his own green organization called Water Defense to educate the public of the thr cadillac eats to drinking water and to provide tools to counter them."

"On the other hand, Ed Begley Jr will receive Individual Environmental Leadership Award. The honor is for Ed's lifelong green efforts. Furthermore, it is for the inspiration he brings to others prompting them to follow his footsteps to better care for the environment."

"For the works of these two environmentalists and for using their celebrity status to spread green awareness, they surely deserve the recognitions given to them."

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"Global Green USA CEO Matt Petersen will join honorees Mark Ruffa auto part lo, Ed Begley Jr., Wendy Schmidt and the Los Angeles Business Council at the event, along with expected celebrity presenters Kevin Bacon, Kyra Sedgwick, Jamie Lee Curtis, Christopher Guest and many more."

"The event will raise funds to support the organization's initiatives to rebuild a green New Orleans; to create green affordable housing and green schools in Los Angeles, throughout California and alfa romeo nationally; and to continue to advocate for innovative and effective policy initiatives to combat climate change."

"Honorees at the 15th Annual Millennium Awards will include actor and activist Mark Ruffalo who will receive the Entertainment Industry Environmental Leadership Award. This honor recognizes Mark's deep commitment to the environment, demonstrated through his visible dedication to the campaign to ban hydrofracking."

"Environmental Activist Ed Begley Jr. will receive the Individual Environmental Leadership Award. This honor recognizes Ed's lifelong commitment to 1086274749  "walking the talk" of sustain rc helicopter and car market place ability and inspiring so many activists in the Hollywood, environmental, political and business communities to follow his great example."

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There is a lot that each individual can do to help the planet. Whether it is as simple as using green cleaning products or as grand as donating millions to green organizations, each eco-friendly act is a step to a more sustainable planet.

So with or without recognition or award, every one should take green steps. After all, there is only one earth and it is everyone's responsibility to care for it.

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