Thursday, April 21, 2011

Just in time for Mothers Day

PRLog (Press Release)– Apr 21, 2011– Marly Hanson fell in love and ran away with her boyfriend in her junior year of high school. The act of defiance drove a wedge between the teen and her mother, Winnie. The rift was so wide between the two that they haven't spoken in the intervening years and Winnie has never met her granddaughter, Marly's daughter Katie.

Marly is returning to Dreyerville at the request of her daughter, who is being treated for cancer. For Marly, the return home is bittersweet, but it forces both Marly and Winnie to revisit the conflict and the many emotions that engenders. Facing the past is crucial if mother and daughter are ever to rebuild the bond they shared before Marly ran away.

The time Marly has in Dreyerville is limited, and matters become more complicated after she meets Katie's neighbor, Sheriff Reed Bennett, a widower with a teen son, Ham. Katie and Ham become fast friends, but their pare chrysler nts' attraction is more than platonic.

As the days pass, they become more deeply involved and Marly is torn between giving her love to the handsome Sheriff and giving up the future she worked so hard to make for her and Katie. Marly must search her soul for answers – can she make a life in Dreyerville where she experienced so much pain in the past? Does her true destiny and happiness lie in coming to terms with her past?

Martin explores bmw some of the most important connections in a women's life in "A Song for My Mother" – the love a child has for a parent, a mother's love for her child and the love of a good man. The story is also one of forgiveness of self and others, learning to live in the present and coming to grips with mistakes made in the recklessness of youth. The novel will tug at the heartstrings and have readers examining their own relationships. Making "A Song For my Mother" a great Mothers Day gift.

Since 1985, New York Times bestselling author, Kat Martin, has written over 50 romantic suspense, historical and contemporary novels, and over 11 trilogies on a wide range of topics from the paranormal to historical. Her books have been translated into 12 languages in 24 countries. She's married to fellow author, L.J. Martin, who has a host of books and screenplays to his credit. Fans can follow Martin on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn and Squidoo.

dodge >"A Song For My Mother" is available in hardcover, pap ferrari erback and Kindle edition on Or from your favorite bookseller. Martins' personal website can be accessed by visiting http:/ .

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