Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Eco Solar Shield Lowered My Power Bill

comes in at 18-25% savings.  If gas went down that much we'd all be a bit better off.  Look at the "Lower My Power Bill" Savings Program as you get out of 30-50% of your power bill payment every month and it's forever. It's incredible and it's very real.  The Company - Lower My Power Bill has simply found a way to work on your behalf to get the power bill companies to give you back all this money – 30-50%.  $300 power bill are no $150 to $210 leaving $90 to $150 in the wallet. – http://LowerMyPowerBill.com

There is one hitch. You must take the savings and use chrysler it to upgrade your home with green energy saving materials such as the Eco-Solar-Shield™.  The Eco Solar Shield is made up of the highest grade radiant barrier material that simply gets installed underneath your rafters in your attic.  Your attic would simply look like it was wrapped in tin foil from the inside. This radiant barrier reflects 97% of the radiant heat that permeates your attic space.  http://LowerMyPowerBill.com/News__Blogs__Articles.html

Ec o-Solar-Shield™http://EcoSolarShield.com is a Revolutionary New High Strength, Multilayer, Composite Material that forms a Powerful Thermal Reflective Barrier, Blocking Heat in t car news he Summer, and Capturing it in the Winter.

No other insulation product on the market today compares to Eco-Solar-Shield's™ efficiency, energy savings, or environmentally friendly qualities. Though thin and lightweight, It stops 97% of radiant heat transfer and, according to Department of Energy studies, adding Eco-Solar-Shield™ to existing insulation in your home provides more energy savings than installing an additional 12 inches of traditional fiberglass insulation.

Based on the same technology that produced the materials used in our astronauts' spacesuits to protect them from the incredible temperature extremes of deep space, this acura extremely effici ferrari ent radiant barrier not only reflects radiant heat during summer, but retains interior warmth during winter, dramatically reducing energy consumption year-round.

Eco-Solar-Shield™ is approved by the Department of Energy, is Energy Star ® approved and, depending on the size, "Greenovation" projects for your home using Eco-Solar-Shield™ can qualify for thousands of dollars in energy tax credits and rebates.

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