Friday, April 29, 2011

Greydon Square to Appear at the Rock Shop Music Hall for the RAPture RAP-Up!

PRLog (Press Release)– Apr 29, 2011– Greydon Square has established himself as a member ferrari of the skeptic community and a successful hip hop artist, earning accolades from Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Penn Jillette, and his lyrical mentor, Canibus.  Greydon comes to us from LA and will be performing at Fayetteville's premier live entertainment venue, The Rock Shop Music Hall.

Artist Bio:  With his latest album, The Kardashev Scale: Type I (2010), a self-developed production team allowed him to focus on writing elaborate lyrics, meaningful choruses, and sample the great words of Dr. Mitchio Kaku and Carl Sagan. Greydon's collaborative efforts and hard work resulted in a nineteen track masterpiece that followed his first bmw two albums, The Compton Effect (2007) and The CPT Theorem (2008).

The concert is being hosted by Charter Chapters of the American Humanist Association, a non-profit organization that brings humanists and nontheists of all stripes together toward the cause of progressive social change - whe aston martin re being good without gods is an accepted way to live life.   The event takes place the day after the 'Rapture' as predicted by Harold Camping of Family Radio fame.  Come join us as we celebrate our continued existence at the RAPture RAP-Up!

**Special Event** A V.I.P. party on May 21 gives Greydon fans an opportunity to meet the arti cadillac st up close and personal at the Rapture After Party (RAP) in Historic Downtown  Fayetteville's Rainbow Room.  Admission to RAP is $25, and includes a FREE ticket to see Greydon perform at the Rock Shop Music Hall.  SPACE IS LIMITED - we strongly suggest pre-registering  for this VIP event.  Full details are available at

Rapture After Party:  May 21 @ 6pm - $20 pre-registered, $25 at the door RAPture RAP-Up:  May 22. Doors open at 3pm.  $12 entry ($15 under 21)

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Allied Automotive - Under New Ownership

PRLog (Press Release)– Apr 28, 2011– Allied Automotive provides Auto Repair and Service for all makes and models both foreign and domestic.

Specializing in Air Conditioning. bmw p>

Languages Spoken:

   * English rc helicopter and car market place ;   * Spanish

Hours of Operation:

   * Monday - Friday: 8-5    * Saturday: 8-4

In Business Since:

   * 1985

Payment Options:

corsa    * Cash    * Check    * American Express    * MasterCard    * VISA


   * Air Conditioning & Heating - Service & Repair    * Auto Diagnostic Services    * Brakes    * Clutch Replacement    * Diagnostics    * Electrical Diagnostics Repair    * Heaters    * Heaters-Automotive (Wholesale)    * Radiators    * Suspension    * Transmission Service: Rebuilt, Foreign & Domestic    * Water Pumps


"Work was completed in timely manner. Good Price!!"

"Quick friendly service - very helpful getting me back on the road."

"Always h dodge elpful, honest, quick and efficient!"

"Work was great"

"Quick and professional service"

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Eco Solar Shield Lowered My Power Bill

comes in at 18-25% savings.  If gas went down that much we'd all be a bit better off.  Look at the "Lower My Power Bill" Savings Program as you get out of 30-50% of your power bill payment every month and it's forever. It's incredible and it's very real.  The Company - Lower My Power Bill has simply found a way to work on your behalf to get the power bill companies to give you back all this money – 30-50%.  $300 power bill are no $150 to $210 leaving $90 to $150 in the wallet. –

There is one hitch. You must take the savings and use chrysler it to upgrade your home with green energy saving materials such as the Eco-Solar-Shield™.  The Eco Solar Shield is made up of the highest grade radiant barrier material that simply gets installed underneath your rafters in your attic.  Your attic would simply look like it was wrapped in tin foil from the inside. This radiant barrier reflects 97% of the radiant heat that permeates your attic space.

Ec o-Solar-Shield™ is a Revolutionary New High Strength, Multilayer, Composite Material that forms a Powerful Thermal Reflective Barrier, Blocking Heat in t car news he Summer, and Capturing it in the Winter.

No other insulation product on the market today compares to Eco-Solar-Shield's™ efficiency, energy savings, or environmentally friendly qualities. Though thin and lightweight, It stops 97% of radiant heat transfer and, according to Department of Energy studies, adding Eco-Solar-Shield™ to existing insulation in your home provides more energy savings than installing an additional 12 inches of traditional fiberglass insulation.

Based on the same technology that produced the materials used in our astronauts' spacesuits to protect them from the incredible temperature extremes of deep space, this acura extremely effici ferrari ent radiant barrier not only reflects radiant heat during summer, but retains interior warmth during winter, dramatically reducing energy consumption year-round.

Eco-Solar-Shield™ is approved by the Department of Energy, is Energy Star ® approved and, depending on the size, "Greenovation" projects for your home using Eco-Solar-Shield™ can qualify for thousands of dollars in energy tax credits and rebates.

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Monday, April 25, 2011

City of Raleigh Presents Southern Energy Management with 2011 Environmental Stewardship Award

based energy efficiency and solar power company, has received the City of Raleigh 2011 Environmental Stewardship Award. This is the highest honor the city gives out during its annual Environmental Awards program; it recognizes "an individual or organization that has and shown leadership in sustainable development and in doing so recognizes the relationship and continuity of the environment, economics, and equity or social justice aspects of human society."

Winners were chosen by a ten-person jury of Raleigh corsa community leaders and environmental experts, and the awards ceremony took place the night of Thursday, April 21, at Marbles Kids Museum.

"We're humbled and honored by this recognition from the City of Raleigh, and thrilled to be part of a much greater community of people and businesses who are as committed to environmental stewardship as we are," SEM co-founder and president Maria Kingery said. "When we started SEM from our living room in Raleigh ten years ago, we just wanted to do our part to help families and businesses make smart energy choices. We're grateful for what this company has blossomed into and for the energy savings and long-term benefits we've been able help our customers achieve car news in the Triangle and beyond."

Southern Energy Management works with homeowners, builders, businesses and government/military clients throughout the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic. In 2010 alone, SEM installed more than seven megawatts of solar power, and partnered with more than 150 builders to certify 2,000 homes with green building standards and the Energy Star label. The company also launched a Home Performance Analysis and Improvement program for homeowners and began working with commercial clients to help existing buildings earn commercial Energy Star labels. All that work last year combined allowed SEM customers to avoid emitting more than 225,000,000 pounds of carbon dioxide over the life of the systems.

This is not the first time SEM has been singled out by the city of Raleigh; in 2009, the company was given the Environmental Market T cadillac ransformation Award.  SEM is currently a five-time National Energy Star Partner of the Year and was also part of the inaugural class of nine US companies that received a national Green Jobs Award from SJF Institute and Green For All.

auto part
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Saturday, April 23, 2011

GM Dexos 1 Synthetic Oil for 2011 API

s recommended drain interval. ifi ...

AMSOIL, the leader in chrysler automotive synthetic lubrication, produced the world's first API-qualified synthetic motor oil in 1972. Trust the extensive experience of AMSOIL, The Fir ferrari st in Synthetics®, to do the best job protecting your engine.

Improve Fuel Economy Formulated with friction modifiers, AMSOIL OE Synthetic Motor Oils are fuel-efficient oils that reduce friction-related energy loss. They provide better fuel economy compared to conventional, non-fuel-efficient motor oils.

Maintain Low Emissions AMSOIL OE Synthetic Motor Oils are friendly toward modern emissions control systems, promoting proper operation of catalytic converters for optimum service life and low exhaust emissions.

Protect chevrolet in All Temperatures AMSOIL OE Synthetic Motor Oils are multi-viscosity formulations. They resist the effects of thermal breakdown, including evaporation and viscosity loss, while remaining fluid in cold temperatures for easier cold starts and fast start-up circulation.

Keep Engines Clean Fortified with high levels of detergent and dispersant additives, AMSOIL OE Synthetic Motor Oils are engineered to resist sludge and carbon deposits better than conventional oils. They promote cl rc helicopter and car market place ean operation for longer-lasting, better-running engines.

Bid Appropriate AMSOIL OE Synthetic Motor Oils fulfill the requirements of most public and private purchasing bids. They are cost-effective, making them ideal where synthetic motor oil is specified.


APPLICATIONS AMSOIL OE Synthetic Motor Oils are excellent for use in all types of gasoline-fueled vehicles. They are recommended for all domestic and foreign vehicles requiring any of the listed performance specifications:

5W-30 (OEF)

   API SN, SM...    ILSAC GF-5, GF-4...    Ford WSS-M2C929-A    Chrysler MS-6395N    GM dexos1 TM (supersedes LL-A-025, 6094M and 4718M)

COMPATIBILITY AMSOIL OE Synthetic Motor Oils are compatible with conventional and other synthetic motor oils. Mixing AMSOIL OE Synthetic Motor Oils with other oils, however, will shorten the oil life expectancy and reduce the performance benefits. Aftermarket oil additives are not recommended for use with AMSOIL OE Synthetic Motor Oils.

SERVICE LIFE In gasoline-fueled vehicles, AMSOIL OE Synthetic Motor Oils are recommended for the intervals stated by the vehicle manufacturer or indicated by the oil life monitoring system. Change oil filter at every oil change. ...

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Local Energy Solutions Business Receives Howard County Catalyst Loan for Economic Development

PRLog (Press Release)– Apr 22, 2011– BALTIMORE, MD – greeNEWit, a comprehensive energy solution firm that streamlines energy projects for residential, commercial and government clients, has been selected for the Howard County Catalyst Loan Program. Presented to the top emerging businesses in Howard County, greeNEWit was recognized for its commitment to economic development in the region and promise for the future.

With help from the Howard County Catalyst Loan Program, greeNEWit will utilize the latest technology to evaluate inefficiencies in building infrastructures and provide customers with a list of energy-saving solutions to dramatically reduce energy consumption while fostering a healthier lifestyle and safer environment.

greeNEWit will use part of the Howard County Catalyst Loan Award to create new jobs in the green sector.  This initiative will employ teams of contractors, engineers and interns as "Agents of Change," a strategy greeNEWit uses to deploy their product and support systems.

"The Howard County Catalyst Loan Program is an exciting initiative to spur economic development through local job creation," Howard County Executive Ken Ulman said. "We look forward to seeing greeNEWit's expansion and growth in the region as a result."

With the help of the Howard County Catalyst Loan, greeNEWit will spur future development efforts of gREATESST.  Our proprietary Efficiency Automation System is seeking further investment. This premium software product for the home performance industry lea auto part ds small businesses with automatic IT systems that drive business processes and integrate with multiple software platforms used in utility, state and federal energy performance programs to reduce energy consumption and costs.

greeNEWit Government Contracting, LLC, a subsidiary of greeNEWit, will also aid local businesses and government buildings by eliminating their businesses' energy waste up to 100%. chevrolet

greeNEWit is committed to creating new solutions for life's challenges by involving the community to support continued education, humanitarian advancement and economic development. gre aston martin eNEWit stands to empower positive action through heightened awareness of greater efficiencies to preserve life, ene acura rgy and planet.

For more information visit and

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Low APR and $0 down offers on 2011 Honda Models at Mcconnell Honda in Montgomery

PRLog (Press Release)– Apr 21, 2011– April 21, 2011, Mcconnell Honda of Montgomery now offering:

The 2011 Honda Accord LX is now available at Mcconnell Honda in Montgomery with an incredible Feature Special of $0 due at signing and 0.9% APR, making it $250 per month for 60 months. This offer excludes taxes, titles and dealer fees.

The 2011 Honda Civic LX is also available with an amazing Special Feature of $0 due as signing and 0.9% APR, making you bmw r monthly payment a low $200 per month for 60 months. This offer excludes taxes, titles and dealer fees.

Almost all 2011 Honda models including Honda Fit, CR-V,  and Pilot are available with Featured special of $0 out of pocket and 0.9% APR.

The 2011 Honda Odyssey is at a Great Price of $380 per month, WAC.

With the Low Interest Rates and Gas car news tegory/autopart">auto part Rising as much as it is, you don't want to miss this sale and drive home in a 2011 Fuel Efficient Honda of your choice at Mcconnell Honda of Montgomery.

For details contact Mcconnell Honda of Montgomery.

About Mcconnell Honda of Montgomery:

Mcconnell Honda of Montgomery, a Montgomery Honda new and alfa romeo used car dealer in Montgomery, Alabama (AL), is the premier full service Honda dealer. Specializing in Honda cars, used Hondas, other used cars, Honda service, and Honda parts, Mcconnell Honda provides high quality service to its customers.

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Just in time for Mothers Day

PRLog (Press Release)– Apr 21, 2011– Marly Hanson fell in love and ran away with her boyfriend in her junior year of high school. The act of defiance drove a wedge between the teen and her mother, Winnie. The rift was so wide between the two that they haven't spoken in the intervening years and Winnie has never met her granddaughter, Marly's daughter Katie.

Marly is returning to Dreyerville at the request of her daughter, who is being treated for cancer. For Marly, the return home is bittersweet, but it forces both Marly and Winnie to revisit the conflict and the many emotions that engenders. Facing the past is crucial if mother and daughter are ever to rebuild the bond they shared before Marly ran away.

The time Marly has in Dreyerville is limited, and matters become more complicated after she meets Katie's neighbor, Sheriff Reed Bennett, a widower with a teen son, Ham. Katie and Ham become fast friends, but their pare chrysler nts' attraction is more than platonic.

As the days pass, they become more deeply involved and Marly is torn between giving her love to the handsome Sheriff and giving up the future she worked so hard to make for her and Katie. Marly must search her soul for answers – can she make a life in Dreyerville where she experienced so much pain in the past? Does her true destiny and happiness lie in coming to terms with her past?

Martin explores bmw some of the most important connections in a women's life in "A Song for My Mother" – the love a child has for a parent, a mother's love for her child and the love of a good man. The story is also one of forgiveness of self and others, learning to live in the present and coming to grips with mistakes made in the recklessness of youth. The novel will tug at the heartstrings and have readers examining their own relationships. Making "A Song For my Mother" a great Mothers Day gift.

Since 1985, New York Times bestselling author, Kat Martin, has written over 50 romantic suspense, historical and contemporary novels, and over 11 trilogies on a wide range of topics from the paranormal to historical. Her books have been translated into 12 languages in 24 countries. She's married to fellow author, L.J. Martin, who has a host of books and screenplays to his credit. Fans can follow Martin on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn and Squidoo.

dodge >"A Song For My Mother" is available in hardcover, pap ferrari erback and Kindle edition on Or from your favorite bookseller. Martins' personal website can be accessed by visiting http:/ .

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Scottish Car Buying Website Launches

Tax Day Freebies start on April 15 2011 - 1864 views

Monmouth County Gym Shares Weight Loss corsa Success Story - 1498 vie audi ws

Social Media Marketing - Tweet To Be Hea buick rd 2 Con acura ference 30 Day Count Down! - 1268 views

2012 Subaru Impreza Heading to New York Auto Show - 1088 views

World Entrepreneurship Day at Pilani Rajasthan Shridhar University - 892 views

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Greece Autos Report Q2 2011: New research report available at Fast Market Research

PRLog (Press Release)– Apr 16, 2011– BMI expects little respite for the Greek automotive market despite the introduction of the vehicle scrappage scheme on February 21 2011. While the government is hoping that the measure will boost its tax revenues, BMI believes the scheme may prove to be ineffective as Greece's high level of taxation on the purchase of new cars and high ownership costs are likely to deter consumers from buying new vehicles this year.

BMI, accordingly, maintains its forecast for passenger car sales of nearly 135,000 units in 2011. Weakening business confidence will mean that commercial vehicle sales on the other hand are expected to fall at least 5.5% y-o-y this year. The net result will be nearly a 5% y-o-y drop, to just under 147,500 units, in total vehicle sales this year.

Given Greece's deteriorating economic fundamentals and broader risk profile, the private sector is set to face higher borrowing costs over the medium term, which will further dampen growth in new vehicle sales. BMI does not expect to see a recovery in sales to pre-economic levels during our forecast period to 2015. Vehicle sales growth is likely to be slow, averaging 2.2% y-o-y between 2012 and 2015, with 160,800 units shifted in 2015.

Despite the depressed demand, some carmakers increased their market share during 2010. Toyota Motor performed relatively well, improving its share in both the passenger car and commercial vehicle segments.

We expect the auto industry in Greece (along with the Baltic States) to be a significant underperformer in Europe, thanks to widespread household and businesses retrenchment, a near 20% unemployment rate and weak corporate profitability. Placed second from bottom in BMI's Risk/Reward Ratings for the auto industry in Europe, Greece not only suffers from poor scores in the auto market, but also in terms of its country risk score. Furthermore, we see little likelihood of it gaining a production facility in the near future.

For more information or to purchase this report, go

Friday, April 15, 2011

Four rules to improve energy efficiency with Intelligent Buildings

s drive to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy costs. Intelligent buildings are energy and resource efficient, non-polluting and non-wasteful, flexible, adaptable and easy to operate.

But, although Intelligent Buildings offer to cut off between 30% and 50% of the cost of energy for a typical commercial building, some ideas have already failed and others are on t bmw he verge of a tremendous build out...

The main differentiators between the failures and the successful Intelligent Buildings are enumerated here:

   * Non-Intrusion The key to energy efficiency has nothing to do with making people suffer. If a system requires the inhabitants of the building to be uncomfortable, it will fail. An Intelligent Building would have a sensor system that recognizes hot and cold spots and adjusts the ventilation system accordingly will go further in reducing energy costs than any attempts to turn down thermostats.

   * Automation Eliminate the human controller and the system will have a better chance of success. If someone is required to turn a switch on and off, the system will probably not work. Automation requires sophisticated control technology and cutting-edge software algorithms; both technologies are within grasp nowadays. For instance, a fault detection program for HVAC systems that entirely eliminates the need for anyone to adjust any settings after the installation has a huge chance of success.

   * Persistence Studies have shown that the effect of alfa romeo an energy audit is usually degraded by as much as 75% after 12 months, when someone changes the settings or something breaks. The new systems all have methods to eliminate those changes that degrade energy efficiency performance and allow it to be much more persistent than in the past. And fault detection software identifies problems in the control technology that would otherwise go unnoticed. By increasing the length of energy efficiency benefits, the investment in new Intelligent Buildings systems become easier to make.

   * High ROI Building owners and managers tend to be reluctant to invest in new technologies unless they are offer buick ed a very compelling return on investment and short payback period. Most Intelligent Building systems are in the 2 to 3 year range today. Reducing that to 18 months (and even 12 months) will go a long way in determining which technologies will succeed in the coming race.

Adhere to the four rules of Intelligent Buildings, and your technology will be able to compete in the coming multi-billion dollar marketplace. This excludes making people uncomfortable, forcing them to constantly adjust controls manually, letting your technology to wear off over time and charging inordinately high prices, which would prevent you from realising the benefits of Intelligent Buildings in the next few years.

Intelligent Buildings can provide an environment for their occupants, which exhibit enhanced comfort levels and are conducive to increased le acura vels of interaction, collaboration and work productivity.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

BUYLEDS, LED Lighting Gurus, Launches New 3,500 Square Foot Showroom

PRLog (Press Release)– Apr 13, 2011– Dallas, Texas – BUYLEDS, a creative LED lighting company providing turnkey lighting solutions and services to hospitality, event-production, commercial, high-end residential and healthcare organizations, recently launched their new 3,500 square foot showroom in Dallas. Serving the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex, their new showroom allows BUYLEDS to demonstrate their innovative LED lighting options in real-life application while continuing to consult and provide design services to clients.  The showroom also provides a physical location for their clients to learn about and purchase a variety of LED products.   "There are very few people who do exactly what we do in Texas," explains Brad Litteken, Co-Owner & Managing Partner. "It is sometimes chevrolet hard to explain our capabilities over the phone or in photos, s ferrari o our showroom allows clients and prospects to get a first-hand experience of how we can help them with their lighting needs."     The BUYLEDS showroom doors are also open to local hospitality, event-planning and architectural associations and groups who are interested in using their new facility for meetings and events.

"Finding fun and interesting meeting spaces that allow business leaders to connect, while continuing to provide value for their respective groups, can sometimes be a challenge," says David Neal, Managing Partner. "Not only do we want to be a great LED lighting partner for them, but we also want to be an organizational asset to them acura as well."

BUYLEDS invites anyone interested in learning more about the benefits of LED lighting, or those who currently use LED technology, to visit their new showroom. Located at 2522 Irving Blvd. in Dallas, they are open Monday to Friday from 9am - 6pm (by appointment on Saturday).   bmw

For more information about BUYLEDS, please contact 214.227.6500 or visit

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My Kitchen Rules and MasterChef Fans will Love This

PRLog (Press Release)– Apr chrysler 13, 2011– With the My Kitchen Rules Grand Final in the headlines, sate your food craving with tasty buick contains a smorgasbord of delicious books and quotes which you food lovers out there will just love. Juicy books like "The Gourmet's Guide to Europe" (1903) gives you a d ferrari elicious insight into turn of the century European cuisine.`s-guide-to-europe

Some mouthwatering quotes from "The Gourmet's Guide to Europe":

"There is a curious restaurant close by the station, Vagliani is, I fancy, the owner, where artichokes are the staple fare, and where the decorations are in keeping with the food."

"Their function is to provide luncheons, dinners, or suppers, and their chief spécialités are oysters, lobsters, other shell-fish, game, and truffles."

"The white wines, Ruster, Schomlayer, Szegszarder, and others are equally drinkable, while Tokay is of course a king amongst wines."

Enjoy delicious food quotes thanks to

Search "food", "eating", "delicious", "roasting", "cake", "wine"... there is a buffet of lip-smacking food quotes from a library of classic books and authors thanks to quotations website. Food lovers, find your favourite food quote on today.

Falling in Love said: "Fancy attempting nowadays to live a single day without sugar; no tea, no coffee, no jam, no pudding, no cake, no sweets, no hot toddy before one goes to bed; the bare idea of it is too terrible."

20000 Leagues Under the Seas said: "In addition to bananas, we gathered some enormous ja aston martin ckfruit with a very tangy flavor, some tasty mangoes, and some pineapples of unbelievable size."

New Vegetarian Dishes said: "In the meantime, place the cinnamon in the syrup and boil until it is reduced, place the pears in a pretty dish, pour the syrup over them through a strainer, and allow to cool."

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Jack Roush Visits Joe Myers Ford

PRLog (Press Release)– Apr 08, 2011– The legendary Jack Roush visited Joe My cadillac ers Ford on Thursday, April 7th. Best known for creating the quintessential performance engineering company, Roush Performance, Jack included us on one of his ten tour stops across the country in 2011.

With 400 career Roush Racing wins and a recent recipient of the 2010 Robert E. Petersen Lifetime Achievement Award, Jack Roush has built his career around designing and engineering superior performance parts, vehicles an car news ategory/chevrolet">chevrolet d engines. Some of Jack's other accolades include his introduction into the 2010 National Motorsports Press Association Hall of Fame and a Distinguished Service Citation from the Automotive Hall of Fame.   Jack signed autographs and spoke to around 600 eager fans about Roush Performance Engineering and the new advancements he and his team are audi making in the world of racing-inspired performance vehicles. 80 Roush Mustang and several F-150s were on display highlighting the many Roush parts, vehicles and accessories offered by Joe Myers Ford.

From a recent press release featured on the Roush Performance blog, Jack said, "I always enjoy the opportunity to visit our dealers and meet the people that have purchased our Roush Mustangs and trucks. It's really exciting to experience the enthusiasm and passion they have for our products and to see firsthand the different type of things that they have done to personalize their vehicle."

We loved having Jack visit us and we look forward to seeing him again on his next nationwide tour!

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Friday, April 8, 2011

Kulinary Mille Comes To Williams-Sonoma Beverly Hills, Saturday April 9th

cooking demonstration this Saturday, April 9th from 12pm-2:00pm.

Kulinary Khaos chef Keith Previte and gastronomic genius Erik Kelley will be crafting the most exquisite and unique multi-course chef tasting experiences for the attending patrons which will feature variations of Croque Madam, Braised Short Ribs with Eggs and Skirt Steak Breakfast Burritos; each dish will include a cheese component provided by The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills. Make sure you come out and join the Kulinary Mille duo as they take you on a personalized journey of modern creations and traditional flavors comprising many delightful surprises this Saturday.

About: Keith Previte  is the master chef behind the "High Octane" Kulinary Khaos brand. Taking the bull by the horns as always, Previte goes beyond the standard application of recipes by developing an intense and finely tuned taste which was yielded by fevered dedication to both innovative and experimental ingredient preparation and precise cooking procedures that are not found in any cookbooks today.

Erik Kelley  has served in the kitchens of Drago Restaurant Group, the Patina Group, general manager and sommelier of Animal Restaurant, Culinary Director at The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills and also named one of the best up and comi car news ng sommeliers by Wine and Spirits Magazine; food and wine is not only a passion, it is Kelley's life!

Kulinary Mille  is the first exclusive and thrilling exotic automotive rally that has been specifically designed around the most epic custom gastronomic experiences and elegant festivities in order to create the most enjoyable automotive lifestyle event the industry has acura ever seen. Over three days and three cities in Southern California this July 28th-30th, participants will experien rc helicopter and car market place ce the most exclusive parties, luxury amenitie chrysler s, culinary masterpieces, new social experiences and all out good times creating the most memorable experience of their lives!

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

"Iran Metals Report Q2 2011" is now available at Fast Market Research

PRLog (Press Release)– Apr 03, 2011– Capacity additions and better than expected growth in the automotive and construction industries is expected to lead to 14% growth in Iranian crude steel output to 12.4mn tonnes in 2011, but this falls well short of the 14mn tonnes the government had targeted as international isolation begins to limit growth rates. Despite capacity additions, we maintain our forecast of crude steel at 3.7% growth and hot-rolled output rising 3.9% in 2011, bmw with sanctions likely to severely limit both exports and the rate of growth in metals consuming industries.

Output growth has been encouraged, in part, by the weakening of the rial in H210, a trend that boosted domestic metals producers which had witnessed declines in orders and output in Q2. The central bank audi had attempted to shore up the currency, but there has also been a rush towards hard currency amid stricter economic sanctions. Mobarakeh Steel produced 3.34mn tonnes of semi finished steel and 3.44mn tonnes of hot rolled coil in the first nine months of the 2010/11 Iranian year (beginning March 20), up 1% and 14% year-on-year (y-o-y) respectively. The company plans to up output by over 8% to 5.3mn tonnes in 2010/11 and aims to reach a capacity of 9-10mn tonnes per annum (tpa) by 2014. Current production figures do not bode well for achieving these targets. Much will depend on the fortunes of the car industry, which in turn relies on sustained private consumption growth. Mobarakeh Steel subsidiary Saba Compact Strip Processing Plant produced 448,000 tonnes of thin slab and 485,000 tonnes of HRC in 9M10/11, also increasing average production by 14% y-o-y. Billet output from Khorasan Steel reached 419,000 tonnes in the period, while rebar output totalled 433,000 tonnes.

According to the Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organisation (IMIDRO), rolled steel output was 7.52mn tonnes, up 14% y-o-y during the first eight months of the 2010/11 Iranian year. Output included 1.31mn tonnes I Beam, 2.14mn tonnes of rebar, 3.78mn tonnes HRC, 220,000 tonnes wide plate, 39,000 tonnes coil and 20,000 tonnes pipe. Semi finished production totalled 7.58mn tonnes over the period. Around 80% of HRC was produced by Mobarakeh Steel, the country's largest sheet steel producer. Esfahan Steel produced around half of the nation's long products and sections.

Output has been supported by capacity additions, particularly in value-added segments such as automotive-grade sheet steel and stainless steel. New steel mills include the Hormozgan Steel plant, the commissioning of which was put on hold due to delays in imports of equipment. The Hormozgan mill has a capacity of 1.5mn tpa of slab and began production in H210. In November 2010, Iran opened the Middle East's largest galvanised steel mill, which is jointly owned by the Saypa Company, Iran Khodro Company and Steel Industry Pensioners' Support Fund. The mill, located in Chahar Mahal Bakhtiari province, has production capacity of 400,000 tpa galvanised flat steel for the local automotive industry. In January 2011, construction began on a new mini mill, with annual production capacity of 1mn tpa steel billet, at Abarkooh, Yazd province. Investment in the project is estimated at IRR6trn.

In December 2010, Khorasan Steel started the construction of a 2.5mn tpa palletising plant. The plant, which is to be constructed by Parsland Mines & Industries Development Company within 30 months, will be expandable to a capacity of 3.4mn tpa. The company has already put its two DRI units, each with a capacity of 800,000tpa, into operation. It also plans to set up a new melt shop as well as upgrading its existing melt shop. The Ministry of Industry and Mining has also issued permission for the construction of a privately-owned 1.5mn tpa steel mill in Kashan in Isfahan province.

For more information or to purchase this report, go

Calumet City River Oaks Hyundai buyers choose World Hyundai in the Matteson Auto Mall. See why.

PRLog (Press Release)– Apr 02, 2011– World Hyundai in the Matteson Auto Mall is the premier Hyundai dealer in the Chicagoland area. They sell new and pre owned Hyundais to customers all over the state each and every day.

Hyundai shoppers from the surrounding communities have been flocking to World Hyundai because of the great prices and selection on both new and pre owned Hyundai models like the red hot Hyundai Sonata and the all new Hyundai Elantra.

Let's hear what some Calumet City, IL buyers have to say about their's Nancy and Bob B. "My mom and I wanted to let everyone know that STEVE AT car news CHISON is the GREATEST CAR SALESMAN there is! We have been looking for a Hyundai Tucson since July 2010. I have called over 20 car salesmen in four states. Nineteen of them could not find me our car, but STEVE ATCHISON did. We wanted a Chai Bronze Limited 2011 with the premium package. In July, Steve told us he would be looking for our car. He never gave up! He is like no other cars alesman! After getting the run around from the other car salesmen, I had no faith in him and told him so! I was so wrong! As soon as he located the car in Columbus, Ohio, he called and told us he found our car. Then, he went through the process to have the car shipped from Columbus Ohio. We are here today to pick up our car. He is trustworthy, honest, friendly, helpful, car salesman we ever met! World Hyundai is lucky to have him. If you are looking for a car buy from STEVE ATCHISON, he won't steer you wrong!"

Just an awesome review.

And how about this one from Jackie S. "Issac was the most pleasant and helpful sa auto part les person I have ever encountered.  He was willing and did go above and beyond finding me a car.  The whole team was extremely nice and  patient. I would recommend World Hyundai to anyone w dodge ho is looking for a new or used car. The whole experience was a pleasure." This review can be found at ....

World Hyundai is also fortunate to have customers like Grace Maury..."This is by far the best experience I have ever had while purchasing a car. The sales rep Antoine was very helpful in helping us to find the perfect car that fit our needs. I would definitely recommend World Hyundai to chevrolet any and everyone!." More Hyundai reviews like this can be found at

So when you are ready to get your new Hyundai make sure you visit or call them at 708.983.6500.

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Market Report, "Singapore Shipping Report Q2 2011", published

PRLog (Pre alfa romeo ss Release)– Apr 01, 2011– Singapore's economy will perform well this year, despite easing back on the exceptionally strong showing achieved in 2010. Some form of cooling off had been on the cards for 2011 given the expected slowdown in the global economy, but BMI's view remains quite bullish. The US and Chinese economies - important drivers of growth in Singapore - will play a more positive role than we had earlier expected. At the end of last year we raised our forecast for GDP growth in the US; in China on the other hand, it is possible that the Beijing authorities will tighten monetary policy less than expected, meaning that growth there too could end up being stronger than originally projected. So the picture for Singapore points to fairly vigorous manufacturing and services growth, continuing high employment, and a positive contribution by net exports to GDP, albeit much less so than in 2010. BMI forecasts 2011 GDP growth of 5% in Singapore (following on from the spectacular 15% achieved in 2010 when the co chevrolet untry was recovering vigorously from the global recession in the preceding year). The economy will then ease off a little to 3.9% growth in 2012. In the five years to 2015 we expect growth to average 4.3% per annum.

Headline Industry Data

* Port of Singapore box handling set to grow 11.8% this year to reach 31.752mn 20-foot equivalent units (TEUs). In 2010 Singapore handled 28.4mn TEUs, making it the world's second busiest container terminal after Shanghai.  * ?? Singapore's gross tonnage will rise by 9.2% to 548.597mn tonnes, a very strong year; both box handling and gross tonnage will expand faster than the overall economy, which BMI predicts to grow by 5% in 2011.  * The country's overall trade will grow by a healthy 6.1% in real terms this year.

Key Industry Trends

Singapore Down Into The Number-Two Slot. Shanghai, benefiting from China's strong growth and the World Expo trade fair, took over the number one position in 2010, handling 29.05mn TEUS. Singapore saw growth of 9.6% to 28.4mn TEUs. Singapore remains the world's number-one bunkering port.

APL Boasts Intra-Asia Exposure- APL is a Singapore-based subsidiary of Neptune Orient Lines (NOL). The new China Indonesia Straits Service (CISS) is being operated by four 3,000TEU container ships, and is designed to serve the growing need for direct-call service to key Asian growth markets.

Key Risks To Outlook

Singapore is likely to hold general elections during the course of this year (they must by law be called before February 2012) and with some signs of a property price 'bubble', it is possible that there could be an economic hard landing in 2012, representing a downside risk to our forecasts. BMI, however, believes this is very unlikely. The country remains politically very stable with the ruling Peoples' Action Party (PAP) expected to retain its large majority, and the government has been working very hard since the recession of 2009 to curb property price inflation. In January 2011 it introduced its fourth package of property price curbs, including increased stamp duties and a lower loan-to-value lim bmw it.

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