Monday, March 14, 2011

Fast Lane Lifestyle Magazine - The Gentlemen's Magazine of Today!

rich, and increasingly sexually driven world, we often strive to find the few and far between "single sources" which can entertain the many aspects of our lives.  We find these "single sources" in our Smartphones, our computers, in our social media and through a thousand other various examples.  It is also safe to say that today's gentleman has a much broader range in what interests him, but in a similair respect this couldn't be further from the truth - The Paradox of Today's Man.  A publication known as Fast Lane Lifestyle Magazine ( ) offers a solution to men's entertainment by creating the perfect compliment to today's men's lifestyle.  Fast Lane Lifestyle Magazine proves itself as the "single source" in men's lifestyle publications.

 So what is the story behind Fast Lane Magazine?  Fast Lane Magazine describes themselves as "like a Victoria's Secret commercial, with the pace of a hip-hop music video, and the style of a James Bond movie" and they are JUST THAT!  They've got the fastest cars, the hottest models, acura the b corsa est gadgets, tech and g car news aming while teaming with celebs and entertainment.  Seriously, what more could anyone ask from a gentlemen's magazine?  In fact, there is very little ground that Fast Lane Lifestyle Magzine ( doesn't cover.  Fast Lane re audi presents the common "Man of Today" by offerring some of the most interesting fantastic content and articles whle providing sheer un-adulterated visual entertainment through their models and cars - The very best of both worlds.

 In reading over the articles of Fast Lane Magazine ( it's easy to see why this publication gets so much attention.  The articles are highly insightful and entertaining; a higher caliber in the men's magazine genre.  But the buck doesn't stop there!  Fast Lane's content is also rated-R for "Risque" and has no problem calling it like they see it!  I feel this is also at the very heart of what makes Fast Lane Lifestyle Magazine so unique, exciting and original - It truly is "Life in the Fast Lane!" They do so much more than keep their finger on the pulse... they become that very pulse.

 In today's entertainment world at least as far as mainstream media is concerned, we are extremely cautious when it comes to giving the public the news and entertainment that we truly crave as a society.  We aim not to push the bar, we aim to soften the blow, we aim to keep it as safe and un-interesting as possible.  So what is the end result of this trend?  The result is unexciting, uninformative, uninteresting and unentertaining content.  Well, this scenario has absolutely no benefit to the would-be reader of Fast Lane Lifestyle Magazine (  We like our media sizzling, fresh and fast and served with a smile - This has been what Fast Lane Magazine has produced to a fault and with their future issues, hot celebrities, beyond hot models, fast cars, and their eye-catching and informative articles; It's only going to get better and better!

 If this kind of entertainment magazine is what you've been craving and the fast-paced, playboy on-the-go lifestyle matches your colorful tastes, then I highly recommend you get a taste of the good life!  Visit Fast Lane Lifestyle Magazine at and get the entertainment that was meant for the modern man and his modern style.  It has recently been announced that Fast Lane Magazine's future issues are about to get hotter than ever.
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