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Analyzing the Wind Power Industry in Denmark Available through

PRLog (Press Release)– Mar 19, 2011– adds Report on "Analyzing the Wind Power Industry in Denmark" which provided nearly 20 percent of the Denmark''s electricity in 2007, a significantly higher proportion than in any other country. Denmark was a pioneer in developing commercial wind power during the 1970s and today almost half of the wind turbines around the world are produced by Danish manufacturers such as Vestas.

Denmark has relatively modest average wind speeds in the range of 4.9 to 5.6 meters per second measured at 10 m height. Onshore wind resources are highest in the Western part of the country, and on the Eastern islands with coastlines facing South or West. The country has very large offshore wind resources, and large areas of sea territory with a shallow water depth of 5 to 15 m, where siting is most feasible. These sites offer higher wind speeds, in the range of roughly 8.5 to 9 m/s at 50 m height. There have been no major problems from wind variability, although there is a temporary problem resulting from the connection of a large bloc of wind power from offshore wind farms to a single point on a weak section of the transmission network.

Denmark is connected by transmission line to other European countries and therefore it does not need to install additional peak-load plant to balance its wind power. Instead, it purchases additional power from its neighbors when necessary. With some strengthening of the grid, Denmark plans to increase wind''s share even further.

Aruvian''s R''search presents its research report – Analyzing the Wind Power Industry in Denmark – a highly comprehensive research compilation of the booming wind power ind chevrolet ustry in Denmark. The report also provides a look at Denmark's energy industry and a brief profile of the global wind power industry.

The report, Analyzing the Wind Power Industry in Denmark, explores the importance o cadillac f wind power in today's world. The report looks at the basics of the wind energy industry, economics, issues and barriers, and oth chrysler er such factors.

Aruvian's offering includes a complete analysis of the Danish Wind Power Energy Industry, including an analysis of the companies operating in the industry, the regulatory framework in place, an industry profile, a complete profile of the Danish Offshore Wind Energy industry, developments in the market, challenges facing the industry, technological developments in turbines, and lots more information is included.

An analysis of the major wind farms in Denmark is also included in the report.

This research offering from Aruvian is a comprehensive A to Z guide on Denmark's wind power industry.

Table of Contents:

Executive Summary

Section 1: Brief Profile of the Global Wind Power Industry

A. Market Profile A.1 Market Overview A.2 Global Market Analysis A.3 Benefits of Wind Power

B. Looking at Global Policies B.1 Analysis of the Kyoto Protocol & Post 2012 Reductions Framework B.2 Changes in Export Credit Agencies, Multi-Lateral Development Banks & International Finance Institutions

Section 2: Analyzing Denmark's Wind Power Industry

A. Overview of Denmark's Energy acura Industry A.1 Market Profile A.2 Progress towards National Objectives

B. Historical Background of Denmark's Energy Policy B.1 Historical Background B.2 The Inclusion of Wind Energy in the Energy Policy B.3 Role of Green Taxation B.4 Looking at Denmark's Offshore Wind Program B.5 Support Schemes for Wind Energy & Other Renewable Energy B.6 How Wind Energy Manages the Electrical Grid B.7 Market Profile of Wind Energy in Denmark B.8 National Incentive Programs B.9 Is Wind Power in Denmark a Carbon-Neutral or Low-Carbon Power Source

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