Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rumours From The Rostrum

PRLog (Press Release)– Mar 30, 2011– The last few weeks has seen large volumes of vehicles from a mixture of vendors. However the market seems to be copin aston martin g very well. The only real challenge has been the amount of duplicate stock in certain sectors but the vendors who have this issue are being realistic with their pricing and this has helped to keep the market moving. In the past we would have seen a backlog of vehicles and no homes for them.

End users are plentiful in the auction halls and traders are reporting that there's plenty of traffic visiting their retail sites. The word seems to be that as the end of the tax year approaches, those with spare money are being advised to reinvest and for many a replace acura ment van for ferrari their business seems like a good investment.

As always late plate, low mileage vehicles are in short supply and this is pushing prices way beyond what we would normally expect to achieve. Another flourishing sector of the market is Tippers. Each one that comes up for auction is hotly contested, which hopefully suggests that the building industry is finally on the up and that the economy is getting stronger.  

Not everyone is thriving, though. Some traders we have spoken to are struggling to fill their sites and those who would normally operate with 50+ vehicles for sale are down near the 25 mark, such is the competition at auction at present. The view seems to be that the buoyant market will continue for the next few weeks and the only blip on the audi horizon is the end of April when the bank holidays all come at once. After that, the market should return strongly until we reach the summer holidays and the seasonal drop off.

Tim Spencer, Group Commercial Vehicle Auctioneer,

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Jenny Wright on The Jimmy Star Show - The Near Dark Iconic Actress to Guest Mar 30 2011

PRLog (Press Release)– Mar 28, 2011– Jenny Wright will be a featured guest on The Jimmy Star Show live radio show hosted by King of Cool, Jimmy Star along with his Cool Crowd of cohosts to discuss her career, and the entertainment industries at large. The Jimmy Star Show is radio's new hit show, featuring the coolest in music, entertainment, fashion and pop culture, all from a fun industry insider perspective in a completely live, unedited fast-paced two-hour conversational format.  

Jenny Wright aka Jennifer Wright is perhaps best known for her iconic starring role as the mysterious "Mae" in Academy Award Winner Kathryn Bigelow's 1987 cult classic Near Dark, to which she brought an intoxicating blend of innocence and dark sensuality that has earned her a timeless fan following. Jenny Wright's highly successful 16 year acting career featured work in over 30 film, television, and stage projects with the industry's best actors and directors. Since her decision to retire in the late 90s, she has been consistently sought after for public appearances as well as a return to the industry.

Hailing from New York City, the talented, unpredictable, opinionated, and uniquely beautiful Jenny Wright was born of an artist and teacher and developed an appreciation of arts and self-education at an early age. Upon deciding to pursue acting in her youth, Jenny enrolled herself in the world famous Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute. There, she immediately captured the attention of modeling and casting agents. At the age of 16, Jenny modeled for artists Antonio Lopez and Salvador Dalí.

Jenny's first acting project was an off Broadway play, "Album", with Kevin Bacon. In 1981, Jenny made her film debut in a brief appearance in the TV film, "Rape & Marriage" (1991) with Mickey Rourke. She continued to act on stage, even garnering rave reviews for her portrayal of Dorcus Fray in Joseph Papp's Broadway production of "Plenty". In 1982, Jenny was cast i alfa romeo n "The World According to Garp" with Robin Williams, after impressing director George Roy Hill with her unique blend of danger and vulnerability. Jenny soon after arrived in London for Pink Floyd: The Wall, where she played an abused gro bmw upie. She then quickly followed up with four months in Utah for the TV documentary/drama, The Executioner's Song, a very substantial role. Jenny returned to New York afterwards, and back to the stage and took a break from films.

Jenny returned to films in 1984, for The Wild Life with Eric Stoltz and Chris Penn. Jenny also made appearances in films such as St. Elmo's Fire (1984) and "Out of Bounds" (1986). By appearing in films with actors such as Rob Loew and Anthony Michael Hall, Jenny was put in the 'Brat Pack' category. It was something she found to be uncomfortable, and wanted to shake cadillac off. Thus, Jenny's film choices became edgier, starting with "Near Dark" in 1987, which in addition cult status, brought Jenny many independent, 'left of center' film roles and rid her of the 'Brat Pack' label. She went on to teen roles in the critically acclaimed film "The Chocolate War" (1988) and in the off-beat "Twister" (1988) and a brilliantly acted d chevrolet ual role in I, Madman. Those roles then gave way to blockbuster parts in the mainstream films Young Guns II (1990) and The Lawnmower Man (1992). Her last appearance was in the film "Enchanted" (1998).

The Jimmy Star Show is pleased to showcase the expertise and talent of Jenny Wright, and all anticipate a fun and informative time talking with her about her life, acting, her career, the entertainment industries, and the world. Join King of Cool Jimmy Star, Diva of Cool Drew Albright, Cool Man about Town Alex Blacke and Cool Haunted One Woody Meckes as they have a playful and sometimes wild time with the talented featured guest!  You'll also hear ideas for a fun and successful life from Bright Life with Dr. Drew Albright, the latest celebrity gossip from Blacke Backstage, horror news from Fright Asylum with Woody Meckes, and fabulous fan questions from Star Mail and the live online radio chatroom!

To hear Jenny Wright live on The Jimmy Star Show tune in to W4CY Radio on Wednesday March 30, 2011 from 3-5 pm ET and 12-2 pm PT online at from anywhere in the world.

The Jimmy Star Show is a World of Jimmy Star Production. The Jimmy Star Show only promotes guests and talents held in regard by executive producer Jimmy Star. The Jimmy Star Show is recorded live at the W4CY Radio station in Wellington, Florida. W4CY Radio is available through worldwide streaming live online via iTunes Radio or at and affiliates around the globe. W4CY Radio is brought to listeners by The Intertainment Network, and is ranked 13th in the world for internet talk radio listeners in over 150 countries.

The Jimmy Star Show is sponsored by Anarchy Eyewear for men | Wear it. Believe it. Angel Eyewear for women | Fashion first. |

The official site for The Jimmy Star Show may be found at

The official site for W4CY Radio may be found at

The IMDB site for Jenny Wright may be found at

For The Jimmy Star Show media requests please contact mediarelations (at) jimmystarshow (dot) com

For The Jimmy Star Show Podcast rebroadcast of past live shows visit

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Holiday Rambler Endeavor Motor Home Review

PRLog (Press Release)– Mar 28, 2011– The Holiday Rambler Endeavor is a luxury Class-A motor home, but well priced compared to the very top end models. It has a good blen alfa romeo d of luxury, style and practical use of the standard features. There are four floor plans available to choose from as well as plenty of options available to customize it further. The more customized it is, the harder it is to give up or replace.

Possibly the hardest place to give up is the kitchen, especially if the residential refrigerator option is selected in any car news of the floor plans. Many people love to cook in a large kitchen. However, nothing is ever really large in a motor home. Nevertheless, as far as kitchens in motor homes go, a customized kitchen in the Endeavor just feels like home. The combination of luxury, relative space and how easy it is to keep clean after meals simply makes it unforgettable.

There are plenty of other upgrade options available to create a fairly unique living space. The ideal internal setup really boils down to which type of trips you plan on doing. Short day trips to the beach are likely to require plenty of seating space while longer trips out of state may require additional sleeping space.

As with most motor homes, the internal furniture is frequently convertible into a sleeping area and the Holiday Rambler Endeavor is no exception. Virtually the only option not available for any of the floor plans is to include bunk beds. However, there are so many options available with what furniture to install that this should not be an issue. The different layouts mean only some options are available for each specific model. This can cause some limitation ferrari s, but virtually all circumstances are covered.

After deciding on the internal furniture and everything is in place, it begins to feel like rc helicopter and car market place home. The ceiling fan option in the bedroom makes it even more luxurious, but not excessive. After taking many trips, taking in many different locations and making great friends on the road, it begins to feel like more than a home. It will become very difficult to let go. The time will come, but until then, continue living the dream in a well oiled machine.

Check out the Holiday Rambler Endeavor here: ...

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Career Training Affordable - Pharmacy tech schools- Long Island, NY- Pharmacy Tech training

PRLog (Press Release)– Mar 25, 2011– Pharmacy Technician Enterprises, Inc. is dedicated to providing the technical and practical knowledge necessary

Thursday, March 24, 2011

"Germany Autos Report Q2 2011" is now available at Fast Market Research

PRLog (Press Release)– Mar 24, 2011– Last year was marked by Germany carmakers' involvement in activities, ranging from joint ventures and tie-ups to a focus on alternative vehicle technologies, all of which were driven by the underlining weaknesses in the overall European market. While Daimler strengthened its partnership with Japan's Toray Industries for mass-scale production of carbon-fibre reinforced plastics (CFRP), Volkswagen has earmarked EUR51.6bn (US$70.3bn) in investment towards improving its vehicle line-up and improved competitiveness in production.

All of these indicate that most German carmakers have begun thinking beyond the issue of recovering from the global financial crisis. Instead, they are focussed on tapping into growth opportunities overseas and addressing the pressing issue of growing consumer interest in alternative fuel vehicles. BMI believes the strategy makes sense. Despite being better positioned than most of its European counterparts - in terms of consumer demand, Germany's high rate of car ownership of nearly 54% gives little room for further growth. BMI is currently forecasting sales growing an average 3% y-o-y between 2012 and 2015, following a cautious 6.5% y-o-y growth in sales expected in 2011. That growth help the market return to pre-crisis levels of 2008 by as early as 2012, but not strong enough to match 2007 levels anytime during the forecast period.

In terms of their production strategies, BMI expects German carmakers to increase cooperation in a bid to support their cautious finances. Daimler is already in talks with British Aston Martin over possibly contracting out production of its Maybach brand to reduce its costs towards the brand. Indeed, such pressures do not bode well for the future of Germany's auto production, given that the country already suffers from higher production costs. BMI therefore forecasts production to grow an average 3% y-o-y over 2011-2015, which should increase total annual production to 6.90mn units by the end of 2015.

German commercial vehicle manufacturers, meanwhile, are making strides in emerging markets. The strength of demand in Latin America is prompting truck maker MAN to seek more growth in the region and it has revealed plans to build 2,000 trucks and buses a year at its Queretaro facility in Mexico. MAN is also seeking growth in CIS markets and has signed a memorandum of understanding with Ukrainian carmaker Bogdan Corporation for the assembly, production and supply of MAN-Bogdan branded buses in Ukraine.

Daimler is also keen to benefit from growth in major emerging markets, in particular the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India and China) In January, Daimler signed an agreement to invest EUR50mn (US$67.2mn) in Russian truck maker Kamaz to make axes for trucks. Mercedes-Benz's plans to restart production of semi-heavy trucks in Buenos Aires province, Argentina from May 2011. It has also agreed a joint investment project with Russian carmaker GAZ to produce Mercedes vans in Russia.

For more information or to purchase this report, go

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Joe Myers Ford Proudly Presents Ford EcoBoost!

PRLog (Press Release)– Mar 22, 2011– So how does EcoBoost technology improve Ford F150 fuel economy? Dual water-cooled turbochargers take excess energy from the engine's exhaust and utilize it to rotate a turbine wheel which is coupled to an air compressor to significantly increase the Ford EcoBoost's per-liter output. While turbocharged engines aren't typically known for their gas-saving capabilities, the EcoBoost features fully machined direct gasoline injection and a V chevrolet ariable Camshaft Timing (VCT) system, which augments Ford F150 fuel economy and largely increases overall performance.

Imagine getting 20% better fuel economy and a 15% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions over Ford's traditional engin acura es. With EcoBoost engine technology, Ford's engineers met the challenge to produce a powerful, yet fuel-efficient turborcharged engine that replaces the current lineup of Ford motors. Their cadillac latest and most celebrated achievement in car and truck fuel economy took years of intensive research and development, but paid off in the form of the Ford EcoBoost engine, available at Joe Myers Ford as the quintessential direct gasoline injected motor. Engines like the one found in the Ford EcoBoost F150 have benefited from high-performance upgrades and raw, turbocharged power.

Consider the following: a six-cylinder EcoBoost F-150 can produce the results of a typical eight-cylinder engine, and a four-cylinder produces like a six, giving you maximum power and more torque, all while offering substantially improved gas mileage.

Ford is currently set to equip 90% car news of its North American models with EcoBoost engines, including 1.6 liter models, 2.0 liter models, and a 3.5 liter EcoBoost F-150 with class-leading fuel economy. Join Joe Myers Ford in the EcoBoost revolution today!

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Monday, March 21, 2011

"Japan Oil & Gas Report Q2 2011" is now available at Fast Market Research

PRLog (Press Release)– Mar 20, 2011– The latest Japan Oil & Gas Report from BMI forecasts that the country will account for 13.39% of Asia Pacific regional oil demand by 2015, while not contributing significantly to regional supply. Regional oil use of 21.42mn barrels per day (b/d) in 2001 reached an estimated 27.28mn b/d in 2010, then will rise to around 30.80mn b/d by 2015. Regional oil production was around 8.35mn b/d in 2001, and averaged an estimated 8.82mn b/d in 2010. It is set to increase slightly to 8.85mn b/d by 2015. Oil imports are growing rapidly, because demand growth is outstripping the pace of supply expansion. In 2001, the region was importing an average 13.07mn b/d. This total rose to an estimated 18.46mn b/d in 2010, and is forecast to reach 21.96mn b/d by 2015. The principal importers will be China, Japan, India and South Korea. By 2015 the only net exporter will be Malaysia.

In terms of natural gas, in 2010 the region is expected to have consumed 493bn cubic metres (bcm) and demand of 647bcm is targeted for 2015. Production of an estimated 412bcm in 2010 should reach 548bcm in 2015, implying net imports rising from around 81bcm to 99bcm. This is thanks to many Asian gas producers being major exporters. Japan's share of gas consumption in 2010 was an estimated 17.97%, while it provides no meaningful share of production. By 2015, it is expected to be consuming 13.89% of the region's gas.

Preliminary data suggest that the 2010 full year outturn was US$77.38 per barrel (bbl) for OPEC crude, which is expected to have d rc helicopter and car market place elivered North Sea Brent and West Texas Intermediat dodge ry/alfa-romeo">alfa romeo e averages of around US$79.40/bbl. The BMI price target of US$77 was reached thanks to the early onset of particularly cold weather, which drove up demand for and the price of heating oil during the closing weeks of the year. The oil market is now in a bullish mood, in spite of the economic uncertainty facing the world in 2011.

Global GDP growth in 2011 should exceed 3%, but is unlikely to match the level seen in 2010. Slower economic expansion in China and Japan is set to undermine a potentially unchanged rate of growth in the US and eurozone. Oil prices seldom reflect underlying macroeconomic trends, but the case for surging energy demand and spiralling fuel costs is far from convincing. Ample oil inventories and increasing OPEC supply are likely to keep the price of crude in check - and we are sticking with our forecast of an average US$80/bbl for the OPEC basket.

Japanese real GDP is assumed by BMI to have increased by 2.9% in 2010, and we foresee average annual growth of 1.5% in 2010-2015. There is little domestic upstream activity, with local state and private firms concentrating on international exploration efforts. The outlook for domestic oil and gas production therefore remains poor. Oil consumption is forecast to fall between 2010 and 2015, implying demand of 4.13mn b/d by the end of the forecast period. The country should be consuming almost 90bcm of gas by 2015, all of which will be imported in the form of liquefied natural gas (LNG).

Between 2010 and 2020, we are forecasting a reduction in Japanese oil consumption of 7.95%, with demand slipping steadily to the end of the period and the country using 4.05mn b/d by ferrari 2020. Gas consumption is expected to rise from an estimated 88.5bcm in 2010 to 91.2bcm by 2020. All of Japan's gas will continue to be imported in the form of LNG. Details of BMI's 10-year forecasts, which provide regional and country-specific projections, can be found to the rear of this report.

Japan now shares eighth place with Indonesia and Pakistan in BMI's composite Business Environment (BE) league table. The country ranks 11th, behind Thailand, in BMI's updated upstream Business Environment ratings, thanks to a virtual absence of hydrocarbon resources. The score reflects the limited involvement of the government in upstream oil activities and an exceptionally healthy country risk profile, which counter the lack of reserves and output growth potential. Japan holds third place, above Singapore, in BMI's downstream Business Environment ratings, reflecting its high levels of oil and gas consumption, increasing gas demand and the established modern refining capability. However, it is held back by a high level of retail site intensity and a poor oil demand growth outlook.

For more information or to purchase this report, go

Saturday, March 19, 2011

FIDO Friendly magazine names Top 10 B&B’s

PRLog (Press Release)– Mar 19, 2011– Marsing, ID –No bones about it. Your dog would rather be with you, sniff ferrari ing new paths, touring countryside and nibbling gourmet treats than waiting by the door, tapping his paw, wondering what the heck's taking so long—and bed and breakfasts know this. I audi n fact, a growing number of B&B's are catering to the four-legged crowd, c aston martin reating special packages, customizing itineraries and making homemade doggy treats.

FIDO Friendly magazine is proud to share the 10 of the Best Bed & Breakfasts with Fido in mind.  Who made the list? To name a few from Maria Coder of

Cape Cod's Lamb and Lion Inn in Barnstable, Massachusetts:How about a peek at a whale with that morning biscuit? At the Lamb and Lion Inn, guests receive custom itineraries for self-guided tours with their pups. Adventurous pairs won't wantto miss the doggy-and-me sunset whale watch adventure. Fido-friendly beaches, pet-welcoming waterfront cafés and shops with gourmet treats are all included. If you're wiped out after your day trip, dine under the stars at a nearby historic tavern, where the wait staff will bring out a bowl of water for your pup along with your Chardonnay. Or kick back with your pooch and relax with a pool-side BBQ at the inn. 2504 Main Street Rt. 6A, Barnstable, Massachusetts 02630; (800) 909-6923; (508) 362-6823;

1900 Inn on Montford Bed and Breakfast in Asheville, North Carolina: Complete with doggy trundle beds, a pet welcome basket and several nearby restaurants taking reservations for you and Fido, the 1900 Inn on Montford Bed and Breakfast is a destination in itself. Among the many details is a garden statue of a little dog with a built-in motion sensor that "sprinkles" each time you and your pet walk by—usually catching real dogs completely off guard. The Urban Trail, a 1.7 mile walking tour through the streets of downtown Asheville, is dotted with stops fit to make an art-lover drool. Nearby, historic Grove Arcade or "dog alley" features Fido-friendly restaurants and shops. 296 Montford Avenue, Asheville, North Carolina 28801; (800) 254-9569; (828) 254-9569;

Hofsas House in Carmel-by -the Sea, California Brimming with Fido-friendly places, Carmel is one of the most Fido-friendly cities around. buick Small and artsy and loaded with dog-friendly perks, pups here can frolic leash-free on beautiful Carmel Beach and splash in the dog-only "Fountain of Woof" at Carmel Plaza. The nearby Hofsas House welcomes you and your dog with even more fringe benefits. Some of the inn's rooms feature fireplaces, private balconies and wet bars. The innkeeper is always ready with recommendations for Fido-friendly dining, shopping and activities. Pet owners can soak in downtime at the inn's heated swimming pool, then hit the European-style saunas or watch the sunset on the deck. San Carlos Street between Third and Fourth Avenues, Carmel-by-the Sea, California 93921; (800) 221-2548; (831) 624-2745;

To view the entire list along with tips and details in PDF format, visit: ly-b ...

Now entering our 11th year of publication in 2011, FIDO Friendly magazine includes the very latest hotel and destination reviews along with health and wellness topics, dog training advice, rescue and feel-good stories, contests, and the latest pooch products to hit the market.   Susan Sims (Publisher), Nicholas Sveslosky (Editor in Chief), and Carol Bryant (Social Media Director and Writer/Blogger) are available for commentary and interviews on any dog-related travel topics as well as dog training advice, trends, dog news, and health/wellness/fashion issues for Fido.

These three experts have appeared in various media outlets and welcome the opportunity for interviews and commentary. Please let me know if you would like to interview any of these experts.

Visit FIDO Friendly's media room:

Medi a Contact: Carol Bryant;;Website:   Blog:

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Phonosolar will attend the 7th International Congress and Exhibition in Bulgaria

PRLog (Press Release)– Mar 19, 2011– The conference as well as the exhibition will offer its participants innovative technologies and methods, strong international participation, countless new business contacts and numerous discussions.

Phono Technologies Switzerland will also be present at the e acura xhibition along with other prominent international companies – exhibitors, experts and scientists, and will introduce its wide range of photovoltaic products and newly completed photovoltaic power plant development projects

7th International Congress and Exhibition in Sophia

Global corporations from the energy field will exhibit and prese ferrari nt the newest trends, technologies and products from industries such as energy, construction and architecture, ecology, mechanical engineering, electronics, and so on. The visitors will have a unique opportunity to be introduced to newest trends, receive expert analysi rc helicopter and car market place s and forecasts, be presented with an opportunity to make personal contacts with representatives of institutions, public administration, managers, investors and experts from this industry.

Phono Technologies Switzerland AG

Ph corsa ono Technologies Switzerland is a top international solar energy company. It specializes in the production of PhonoSolar brand photovoltaic panels, PhonoWind brand wind micro-turbines and together with its EPC partners it offers implementations of photovoltaic power plants.

More information and contact

Everyone interest in renewable energy sources laymen and expert public alike is cordially invited to visit our stand no. 29 (Hall 1). We will keep you further updated on the news and events around the conference and the Phono Technologies Switzerland exhibit.

Phono Technologies Switzerland AG Sandgrube 29 CH-9050 Appenzell Switzerland Web:

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White Collar Season 2 DVD Box Set,new coming tv shows,

PRLog (Press Release)– Mar 19, 2011– There are many great television series currently airing, but White Collar seems to be the only show that's enjoyable to watch whilst concentrating solely on a core set of characters.

Most shows try for the diverse cast where you follow the storyline of multiple characters as they journey through their lives and follow hilarious or dramatic experiences. This is what allows White Collar to stand apart from most shows, although they are all uni bmw que and enjoyable in their own respects.

buy White Collar Season 2 DVD at

The characters, both main and support, are utterly irresistible, leaving viewers wanting to c aston martin heer them on and join them in their var corsa ious, numerous and exciting crusades against the forces of evil, and offer them comfort in their sorrows and commendation in their victories. If you have yet to see White Collar, I HIGHLY recommend that you give a whirl - don' acura t be surprised if you find yourself captivated. On another, only slightly unrelated note; Matt Bomer can sing...quite well, actually.

buy White Collar Season 2 DVD at

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Grapevine Ford in Texas is proud to present EcoBoost

PRLog (Press Release)– Mar 18, 2011– Imagine getting twenty percent better fuel audi href="">auto part economy and a fifteen percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions over Ford's traditional engines. With EcoBoost engine technology, Ford's engineers were able to produce a powerful and  fuel-efficient turborcharged engine that replaces the current line-up of Ford motors. Their latest and most celebrated achievement in fuel economy took many years of intensive research and development, but paid off in the form of the Ford EcoBoost engine, available at Grapevine Ford as the quintessential direct gasoline injected motor. Engines like the one found in the Ford EcoBoost F150 have benefited from high-performance upgrades and raw, turbocharged power. ferrari .htm

Consider the following: a 6-cylinder EcoBoost F-150 can produce the results of a typical 8-cylinder engine, and a 4-cylinder produces like a 6, giving you maximum power and more torque, all while offering substantially improved gas mileage. So how does EcoBoost tec bmw hnology improve Ford F150 fuel economy? Dual water-cooled turbochargers take excess energy from the engine's exhaust and use it to rotate a turbine wheel which is coupled to an air compressor that significantly increases the Ford EcoBoost's per liter output. While turbocharged engines aren't usually known for their gas saving abilities, the EcoBoost features fully machined direct gasoline injection and a Variable Camshaft Timing (VCT) system that augments Ford F150 fuel economy and increases overall performance.

Ford is currently set to equip ninety percent of its North American models with EcoBoost engines, including 1.6 liter models, 2.0 liter models, and a 3.5 liter EcoBoost F-150 with class leading fuel economy. Join Grapevine Ford in the EcoBoost revolution today!

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Analyzing the Wind Power Industry in Denmark Available through

PRLog (Press Release)– Mar 19, 2011– adds Report on "Analyzing the Wind Power Industry in Denmark" which provided nearly 20 percent of the Denmark''s electricity in 2007, a significantly higher proportion than in any other country. Denmark was a pioneer in developing commercial wind power during the 1970s and today almost half of the wind turbines around the world are produced by Danish manufacturers such as Vestas.

Denmark has relatively modest average wind speeds in the range of 4.9 to 5.6 meters per second measured at 10 m height. Onshore wind resources are highest in the Western part of the country, and on the Eastern islands with coastlines facing South or West. The country has very large offshore wind resources, and large areas of sea territory with a shallow water depth of 5 to 15 m, where siting is most feasible. These sites offer higher wind speeds, in the range of roughly 8.5 to 9 m/s at 50 m height. There have been no major problems from wind variability, although there is a temporary problem resulting from the connection of a large bloc of wind power from offshore wind farms to a single point on a weak section of the transmission network.

Denmark is connected by transmission line to other European countries and therefore it does not need to install additional peak-load plant to balance its wind power. Instead, it purchases additional power from its neighbors when necessary. With some strengthening of the grid, Denmark plans to increase wind''s share even further.

Aruvian''s R''search presents its research report – Analyzing the Wind Power Industry in Denmark – a highly comprehensive research compilation of the booming wind power ind chevrolet ustry in Denmark. The report also provides a look at Denmark's energy industry and a brief profile of the global wind power industry.

The report, Analyzing the Wind Power Industry in Denmark, explores the importance o cadillac f wind power in today's world. The report looks at the basics of the wind energy industry, economics, issues and barriers, and oth chrysler er such factors.

Aruvian's offering includes a complete analysis of the Danish Wind Power Energy Industry, including an analysis of the companies operating in the industry, the regulatory framework in place, an industry profile, a complete profile of the Danish Offshore Wind Energy industry, developments in the market, challenges facing the industry, technological developments in turbines, and lots more information is included.

An analysis of the major wind farms in Denmark is also included in the report.

This research offering from Aruvian is a comprehensive A to Z guide on Denmark's wind power industry.

Table of Contents:

Executive Summary

Section 1: Brief Profile of the Global Wind Power Industry

A. Market Profile A.1 Market Overview A.2 Global Market Analysis A.3 Benefits of Wind Power

B. Looking at Global Policies B.1 Analysis of the Kyoto Protocol & Post 2012 Reductions Framework B.2 Changes in Export Credit Agencies, Multi-Lateral Development Banks & International Finance Institutions

Section 2: Analyzing Denmark's Wind Power Industry

A. Overview of Denmark's Energy acura Industry A.1 Market Profile A.2 Progress towards National Objectives

B. Historical Background of Denmark's Energy Policy B.1 Historical Background B.2 The Inclusion of Wind Energy in the Energy Policy B.3 Role of Green Taxation B.4 Looking at Denmark's Offshore Wind Program B.5 Support Schemes for Wind Energy & Other Renewable Energy B.6 How Wind Energy Manages the Electrical Grid B.7 Market Profile of Wind Energy in Denmark B.8 National Incentive Programs B.9 Is Wind Power in Denmark a Carbon-Neutral or Low-Carbon Power Source

For more information kindly visit : ...

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Analyzing the Wind Power Industry in China ...

Analyzing the North American Wind Power Industry ...


Contact us at :

Bharat Book Bureau Tel: +91 22 27578668 Fax: +91 22 27579131 Email: Website: Follow us on twitter: Please visit our blog at

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Jampro Antennas Announces Plans To Exhibit Series Of Antennas & Combiners & Filters at NAB 2011

PRLog (Press Release)– Mar 18, 2011– Sacramento, CA • March 18, 2010 -- JAMPRO ANTENNAS, INC. the oldest broadcast antenna company in the USA with over 50 years experience, will exhibit its extensive range of antennas, combiners & filters, towers,  RF components, and highlight its Service Group at NAB 2011 in Booth C 2307.  The economical and flexible solutions address every application in the broadcast industry including DTV, DVB-T, FM and HD Radio solutions.

Booth Highight  JAMPRO UHF Superturnstile Antenna Jampro's UHF Superturnstile Batwing Band IV/V 470 – 860 MHz Antenna accommodates NTSC and CCIR channels with unrivaled engineering. The rugged Superturnstile features hot-dip galvanized structure for long-life and reliable contact at important carrying points, providing today's broadcaster with superior value.  High strength beryllium copper with soldered brass terminal material is used for fanner straps, and all connections are bolted. Directional batwings are available as a custom feature, and batwing reharness kits are optional. Like all Jampro products, the antenna is completely assembled, tuned and tested before chrysler shipping, and comes with a two-year warranty.

Booth Highight  UHF RWED-516-U compact TV mask/filter combiner The award-winning and widely popular compact UHF RWED-516-U TV mask/filter combiner features four-port directionality that can be used as either a mask filter or constant impedance-combining module for high power UHF TV broadcasts.  The Combiner has a cross-coupled design to accommodate adjacent channels, meets stringent filtering standards, and provides constant impedance performance for adjacent and channel separations greater than 15 and achieves elliptical response without external coupling mechanisms. Large cavities handle high power with low insertion loss; its filters are temperature compensated for closely spaced applications.  The RWED-516-U is expandable to accommodate future channels, unrestricted by the bandwidth limitations of standard hybrid technology designs.

Booth Highight  Prostar JA/MS-BB Broadband UHF Slot Antenna Jampro's JA/MS-BB Broadband UHF Slot antenna, a part of the legendary Prostar™ line, is an economical alternative to buying, installing and maintaining multiple antennas. It provides a single, compact solution that conserves tower space and minimizes wind loading. Especially designed for multi-channel/combined channel operations in analog-analog, analog-digital or digital-digital TV applications, the JA/MS-BB arrives factory tuned with a ready-to-install, elegant and strea auto part mlined design. Broadcasters can choose from a wide selection of standard and custom transmission patterns. It can be configured for horizontal, circular or elliptical polarization, beam tilt and null fill are available; the JA/MS-BB handles power ranging from 2 to 10 kW. Input impedance is 50 ohm and VSWR of 1.1:1 or better can car news be achieved over sub-bands ranging from 470-530 to 835-890 MHz. The JA/MS-BB offers a compact new – but thoroughly proven – high performance and ruggedly built "single solution" for analog or DTV broadcast applications.

Booth Highlight  Jampro Service Group Jampro's Service Group will take center stage at this year's NAB as the Company emphasizes its scope of services that span from concept to completion. Backed by a highly qualified team comprised of industry leading engineers, project managers, field technicians and manufacturing staff, Jampro delivers the highest level of service available in the broadcasting industry with a comprehensive menu that includes:

• Turn Key Installation • Site Survey and Inspection Services • Transmission Line System Design and Layout • System Optimization Testing Service • After Sales Maintenance and Inspection

Established Products Also at show will be a complement of Jampro's well-established products which include its compact RCCC Mask Filter/Combiner for DVB-T & DTV, a favorite of engineers because of ferrari its convection cooling and temperature compensation, high-isolation and low-insertion-loss; the Penetrator series of HD Radio™ antennas and components - world recognized as the most cost-effective in any power range – including the JCPB-DA directional side mount FM broadband version; the JTS Test Section, a compact replacement for bulky tuned elbow complexes; the RCPU Patch Panel, with low-effort, quick release connections and low insertion loss; the JMPC-HD Antenna, for medium power FM stations; the JSHD-HD Antenna, an ultra-reliable dual-input FM system for full service stations; the RCHA-323-10HD Digital FM Radio COMBINER and the JL-SS Super Slot low-power TV Antenna series.

About Jampro Jampro Antennas Inc., established to answer the need for quality broadcast systems at a reasonable price, is a leading supplier of antennas, combiners & filters and RF components for every application in the broadcast industry.  Reputed for innovation and customization, Jampro builds each system to the specifications of the individual broadcaster. From the first system delivered in 1954 to those installed today, the Company is committed to consistent performance and quality founded on solid engineering. Today, over 15,000 broadcasters worldwide benefit from the quality and performance provided by Jampro systems. Additional information on JAMPRO can be obtained at

Jampro contact:  Sonia Del Castillo 916-383-1177 •

Press Contact: Desert Moon Communications Harriet Diener • 845-512-8283

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House Lights Media Announce Launch of Distribution Company Focused on the Independent Film Market

PRLog (Press Release)– Mar dodge 14, 2011– Leveraging 25 Years of Experience While Navigating Changing Distribution Landscape

Denver, Colorado --  House Lights Media Partners (House Lights Media) today chrysler announced the official launch of their company offering marketing and distribution services focused on supporting independent and emerging filmmakers while navigating the changing landscape of the home entertainment distribution marketplace.

Co-Founders, Steve Roberts, President, House Lights Media, a former Vice President of National Sales for Paramount Home Entertainment, and Sandy Moore, Senior Vice President, House Lights Media, a former media, cable and satellite industry executive, launched House Lights Media Partners as a way to enable Indie film artists' distribution and marketing opportunities to major retail, rental and digital outlets while addressing the new landscape of distribution.

With over 25 years experience in the distribution arena for major motion pictures, House Lights Media Partners, headquartered in Denver with offices in Los Angeles and New York, announced their DVD / Film marketing and distribution service giving independent filmmakers and production companies the platform to distribute their projects in both physical (DVD and Blu-Ray) and digital (streaming and video download) form to some of the most varied distributi buick on channels in the world through their global marketing capabilities.

"We are looking to offer emerging and independent filmmakers the opportunity to access the full breadth of distribution channels by lever audi aging our contacts in the industry," said Steve Roberts, President, House Lights Media.  With that in mind, House Lights Media has been targeting many of the independent and innovative film festivals that filmmakers are attracted to, and found quite a few gems that they are currently negotiating to bring to market.  "The home entertainment environment is changing, much as the music industry has in recent years, at House Lights Media, we are lean, flexible and experienced enough to integrate those changes into our distribution plans and offer cutting edge circulation and support," said Sandy Moore, Senior Vice President, House Lights Media.

House Lights Media Partners is able to marry every element of the home entertainment industry and create a harmonious and supportive environment for the filmmaker. This will be the "go to" distribution company for emerging and innovative independent filmmakers in the new distribution environment.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Recent Study: City Utilities of Springfield

, key competitors, and major products and services.


* Major Power Plants (assets) - summarized and detailed information about the power plants (assets) * Operational Metrics (capacity, generation, revenue, sales, number of consumers) * Business description - A detailed description of the company's operations and business divisions * Corporate strategy - GlobalData's summarization of the company's business strategy. * SWOT analysis - A detailed analysis of the company's strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats. * Company history - Progression of key events associated with the company. * Major products and services - A list of major products, services and brands * Key competitors - A list of key competitors. * Key employees -  A list of the key executives * Executive biographies - A brief summary of the executives' employment history. * Key operational heads - A list of personnel heading key departments/functions. * Important locations and subsidiaries - A list of key locations and subsidiaries of the company, including contact details.

Note*: Some sections may be missing if data is unavailable for the company.

Reasons to buy

* Gain key insights into the company for academic or business research purposes. Key elements such as SWOT analysis, corporate strategy and major products and services are incorporated in the profile to assist in various business decisions (M&A and JV). * Identify potential customers and suppliers with this report's analysis of the company's business structure, operations, major products and services and business strategy. * Understand and respond to competitors' business structure and strategies with GlobalData's detailed SWOT analysis. In this, the company's core strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are analyzed, providing an up to date objective view of the company.

For more information or to purchase this report, go

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Native American Perspectives on a Grand Canyon River Rafting Trip with Arizona River Runners

PRLog (Press Release)– Mar 16, 2011– When you set out on a Grand Canyon River rafting adventure, there is so much to learn.  Of course there are boat safety facts, camping etiquette and hiking instructions.  There are tips for packing your gear, layering and sun protection. You will learn the basics of "leave no trace" camping.  And then there's a little something called…The Grand Canyon.  Anyone who ventures out with Arizona River Runners on a Colorado River trip will have the benefit of their guid cadillac es' knowledge of this natural wonder, from flora and fauna to geology to Native American perspectives and interpretation of the Grand Canyon.

All Arizona River Runners ( guides not only meet the requirements of the National Park Service, but then spend approximately 3 to 5 years in active training on the river before they reach the status of trip leader for the outfitter.  Arizona River Runners is also an active participant in and strong supporter of the Native Voices on the Colorado River program, a collaboration of the Grand Canyon River Outfitter Association, Norther dodge n Arizona University's Anthropology Department and Institute for Native Americans.  This program currently works with 15 affiliated tribes and provides information and education to the river guide community to share with their passengers as they make the journey whitewater rafting through the Grand Canyon.

Native Voices on the Colorado River provides a valuable perspective on the Native American tribal relationships with the Grand Canyon and the surrounding region.  The goal of the program is to provide an increased understanding about this relationship from the perspective of the affiliated tribes, in their own voices.  Grand Canyon river guides learn how tribal groups refer to and identify themselves, tribal perspectives on the archaeology and history of the Grand Canyon, and tribal perspectives on the cultural landscape of the area.  These unique persp buick ectives are supported by relevant tribal stories and knowledge that helps visitors on a river rafting adventure understand better the bond between various tribes and the Grand Canyon.

The Colorado River and Grand Canyon carry a special significance for affiliated tribes, as spiritual places and sacred sources of minerals, plants, animals and water.  The Havasupai and Hualapai consider this area their homeland, with the Colorado River forming the backbone of their lifeline.  The Grand Canyon is viewed by the Hopi and Zuni people as their place of emergence into the world. The Southern Paiute bands hold the Grand Canyon as a living, sacred place that should be treated respectfully and sacredly.  Arizona River Runners' guides know that sharing information through Native Voices on the Colorado River with guests is an important part of understanding the Grand Canyon's significance to everyone who calls it their home.

To look at the Grand Canyon as simply a phenomenon of nature would be missing out on an important part of what makes visiting this destination a life-changing experience.  Exploring the tribal relationships to the Grand Canyon is an important part of understanding the rich historical and cultural significance of the natural wonder.  It is a place that has touched the hearts and spirits of people for generations, and Arizona River Runners ( is dedicated to preserving this unique opportunity so that future ge chrysler nerations can enjoy the wonders of the Grand Canyon, rafting the Colorado River.

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Fast Lane Lifestyle Magazine - The Gentlemen's Magazine of Today!

rich, and increasingly sexually driven world, we often strive to find the few and far between "single sources" which can entertain the many aspects of our lives.  We find these "single sources" in our Smartphones, our computers, in our social media and through a thousand other various examples.  It is also safe to say that today's gentleman has a much broader range in what interests him, but in a similair respect this couldn't be further from the truth - The Paradox of Today's Man.  A publication known as Fast Lane Lifestyle Magazine ( ) offers a solution to men's entertainment by creating the perfect compliment to today's men's lifestyle.  Fast Lane Lifestyle Magazine proves itself as the "single source" in men's lifestyle publications.

 So what is the story behind Fast Lane Magazine?  Fast Lane Magazine describes themselves as "like a Victoria's Secret commercial, with the pace of a hip-hop music video, and the style of a James Bond movie" and they are JUST THAT!  They've got the fastest cars, the hottest models, acura the b corsa est gadgets, tech and g car news aming while teaming with celebs and entertainment.  Seriously, what more could anyone ask from a gentlemen's magazine?  In fact, there is very little ground that Fast Lane Lifestyle Magzine ( doesn't cover.  Fast Lane re audi presents the common "Man of Today" by offerring some of the most interesting fantastic content and articles whle providing sheer un-adulterated visual entertainment through their models and cars - The very best of both worlds.

 In reading over the articles of Fast Lane Magazine ( it's easy to see why this publication gets so much attention.  The articles are highly insightful and entertaining; a higher caliber in the men's magazine genre.  But the buck doesn't stop there!  Fast Lane's content is also rated-R for "Risque" and has no problem calling it like they see it!  I feel this is also at the very heart of what makes Fast Lane Lifestyle Magazine so unique, exciting and original - It truly is "Life in the Fast Lane!" They do so much more than keep their finger on the pulse... they become that very pulse.

 In today's entertainment world at least as far as mainstream media is concerned, we are extremely cautious when it comes to giving the public the news and entertainment that we truly crave as a society.  We aim not to push the bar, we aim to soften the blow, we aim to keep it as safe and un-interesting as possible.  So what is the end result of this trend?  The result is unexciting, uninformative, uninteresting and unentertaining content.  Well, this scenario has absolutely no benefit to the would-be reader of Fast Lane Lifestyle Magazine (  We like our media sizzling, fresh and fast and served with a smile - This has been what Fast Lane Magazine has produced to a fault and with their future issues, hot celebrities, beyond hot models, fast cars, and their eye-catching and informative articles; It's only going to get better and better!

 If this kind of entertainment magazine is what you've been craving and the fast-paced, playboy on-the-go lifestyle matches your colorful tastes, then I highly recommend you get a taste of the good life!  Visit Fast Lane Lifestyle Magazine at and get the entertainment that was meant for the modern man and his modern style.  It has recently been announced that Fast Lane Magazine's future issues are about to get hotter than ever.
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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Magician to exhibit at Wedding Fayre

, "one of a kind", "gob smacking!" just a few of the words used to describe corsa Roddy  and his work.

Roddy will be at the Castle Rooms, Uddingston Wedding Fayre on 17th April so if you are planning car news your wedding why not go along and see for yourself why he is such a popular magician.

You never know, you may choose to add him to your wedding list and add an extra touch of magic t dodge o that special day.

Visit ht cadillac tp:// and read some of the wonderful testimonials Roddy has received.

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Red Fez Publications Announces Nominations for Million Writers Award

PRLog (Press Release)– Mar 11, 2011– Red Fez Publications is pleased to announce their nominations for the 2011 Million Writers Award.

In a continued effort to promote underground writing, the following writers have been nominated for the 2011 storySouth Million Writers Award for their recent work published in Red Fez Publications— William Taylor Jr., "The Bastards Wer audi e Everywhere and Would Endure"; Karl Koweski, "A Handful of Dice" and Sean Pravica, "To Have the Ass".

Forty-eight stories were considered for nomination. All of the stories were published online between March 2, 2010 and November 30, 2010. They can be chevrolet read in the archives at

From the storySouth website: "The Million Writers Award takes its name from the idea that we in the online writing community have the power to promote the great stories we are creating. If only a few hundred writers took the time to tell fifteen of their friends about a great online short s auto part tory--and if these friends then passed the word about this fiction to their friends (and so on and so on)--this one story would soon have a larger readership than all of the works in Best American Short Stories."

The Deadline for nominations is March 15. Individual writers and readers may nominate one story. Editors may nominate up to three short stories from their online publications. There is no entry fee. The list of notable stories of the year will be released by April 1, 2011, with the top t chrysler en stories released by the first of May.

For more information visit or

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Toyota General Sales Manager in CA - Automotive Recruiter

PRLog (Press Release)– Mar 10, 2011– Autopeople, an Automotive Recruiter, recently announced that a dealer client s car news eeks a General Sales Manager for bmw their Toyota dealership in California.

The position requires stable employment with a proven track record in a high volume dealership.  The dealer is offering excellent compensation for the right person.

Inquiries may be made by contacting Mark Baeder at or visit our website at

More about Autopeople

We are exper acura ts in hiring the right candidates for Automotive Jobs

We offer the finest automotive recruiter executive search service available, tailored to the specific nee alfa romeo ds and goals of each client. We have developed a unique specialization in the automotive field, having served Dealers, Manufacturers, Aftermarket Companies and Internet-based automotive ventures for 25+ years. In automotive retailing alone, our team has concluded more than 1,800 executive search assignments on behalf of independents and consolidators.

We have searched for - and have successfully placed - Presidents, EVP / Chief Operating Officers, Marketing Directors, Regional Vice Presidents - Operations, CFO's, Controllers, General Managers, General Sales Managers, Sales Managers, Service Managers, Fixed Operations Directors, Parts Managers and more.

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2011 Infiniti QX Named "Best Luxury Fullsize Utility." Infiniti of Peoria in Arizona invites you

PRLog (Press Release)– Mar 09, 2011– Infiniti has received 2 prestigious honors in the twelfth annual ALG Residual Value Awards -  "Best Luxury Fullsize Utility" for the 2011 Infiniti QX56 and the overall "2011 Best Luxury Brand." The ALG Residual Value Awards recognize the brands and vehicles in each industry segment tha corsa t are predicted to retain the highest percentage of MSRP after a conventional 3 year period.

"Infiniti has refreshed its lineup with great new designs and a host of new technology that is resonating with consumers," said Raj Sundaram, SVP, Solutions Group and ALG. "As a result the brand has a higher profile and transaction prices have gone up, both maj chevrolet or factors in its finish at the top of the luxury market this year."

"It's an honor to be recognized as having the highest projected resale value of any luxury brand in America," said Infiniti Vice President Ben Poore. "The Way of Infiniti is all about providing the best experience fo auto part r our customers, from the day they first walk into an Infiniti showroom throughout the entire ownership experience. This recognition from ALG is another assurance to our clients that they can purchase an Infiniti with confidence."

Award winners are determined through careful study of the competition in each segment, historical vehicle performance and industry trends. Vehicle quality, production levels relative to demand, and pricing and marketing strategies are among the key factors that affect ALG's residual value forecasts. Awards are made in nineteen vehicle categories and also for the two brands with the highest overall predicted residual values among all mainstream and all luxury vehicles. This year's awards are based on 2011 model year vehicles.

"The new QX56 blends a luxurious and comfortable interior with cutting-edge technology and impressive power. These attributes were major factors in its finish at the top of the luxury fullsize utility vehicle category," added Sundaram.

About ALG

Based in Santa Barbara, California, ALG is a leading provider of data and consulting services to the automotive industry. ALG publishes the "Auto cadillac motive Lease Guide" - the standard for Residual Value projections in North America, and has been forecasting automotive residual values for over forty-five years in both the U.S. and Canadian markets. Visit for more information.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Range Rover Evoque Wins Car Design Of The Year

PRLog (Press Release)– Mar 08, 2011– The Range Rover Evoque has won best production">car in the 2010">car Design news,">car Design of the Year awards. This highly regarded accolade is the first major international award for the Range Rover Evoque, which is already shaping up to be the most exciting">car of 2011.

The Evoque, Range Rover's upcoming new 4WD (, beat competition from the Alfa Romeo Giulietta and the">audi A7 to take top honours by a considerable margin. Significantly, the">car Design of the Year Award represents the opinions of">automotive designers, including a number of leading industry Design Directors who sit on the judging panel. The Award was presented to Gerry McGovern, Land Rover Design Director at the">car Design Night, held on the opening evening of the Geneva Motor Show.

"I am delighted to accept this prestigious award on behalf of the Land Rover Design team. This is a particularly special accolade as it represents recognition from peers in the industry," said McGovern.">car Design news Editor, Eric Gallina, who presented the Award said: "The Evoque represents the best translation from concept">car to production vehicle we have seen in recent times. It's clear to see why it was chosen."

"The Evoque translates the brand identity of Range Rover to a smaller, very relevant product, without becoming retro or derivative," added Joe Simpson, Associate Editor.

To coincide with the">car Design of the Year Award, Land Rover has released a short film showing behind the scenes footage of the Evoque compact SUV ( design process. The film gives an insight into the design inspiration for the vehicle, including designers' viewpoints on how the ground breaking Evoque will create and conquer an entirely new sector of the market.

The film is the first in a series of four, giving an insiders view of the Evoque development story – from initial design, through rigorous calibration and development processes to final engineering tests. The remaining three films will be released online over the coming months. The first film, which focuses on the design process, can be downloaded at:

The">car Design of the Year Award comes hot on the heels of several domestic accolades for Evoque including a Design Award from Czech publication 'Auto Design and Styling' and 'Best SUV of 2011' awarded by the Motor Press Editorial Group in Portugal. Earlier this year, The Range Rover Evoque was overwhelmingly voted 'Most Exciting">car of 2011' by users of"> in the UK's annual What">car? Awards.

For further information about Range Rover in Australia and its range of 4WD vehicles, please visit our website or contact:

James Scrimshaw Public Affairs Department Land Rover Australia

Tim Krieger Brand Manager Land Rover Australia

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Haiti's Carnival resumes amid capital's ruins

The parade filed past the ruined facades of downtown shops, and the normally busy boulevard outside the collapsed National Palace was turned into a pedestrian zone for three days of revelry. Organizers erected a plywood wall to separate the Carnival zone from the huge Champ de Mars plaza, now a camp for tens of thousands of people made homeless by the quake.

Many spectators grumbled that Carnival was much smaller than in the past. Others said the city had no busy holding the celebration at all.

"People are living in tents, people are in misery," 24-year-old Gerda Delcy said as he waited for his daughter to pass in the parade. "It's not really a good time for Carnival."

Even some of the marchers shared that view.

"The country is not ready for it," said 59-year-old Nerne Karinar, who was marching in a long flowing dress, and lamenting the small size of the parade.

The January 2010 earthquake killed an estimated 300,000 people and left much of the capital in ruins. The United Nations says about 800,000 people are still living in temporary settlement camps around the capital.

Herve Saint-Preux, Carnival coordinator for the city of Port-au-Prince, said organizers had a budget that was only about 20 percent of what they spent in recent years, explaining why the event was so much smaller than in the past.

Despite the problems facing Haiti, local officials felt it was important to carry on with the annual celebration, he said.

"People want the Carnival and if we didn't sponsor it they would do it on their own," Saint-Preux said.

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Monday, March 7, 2011

Fla. police to update toxic truck case of twins

The twins' mother, Carmen Barahona, was charged Saturday with first-degree murder in the death of the girl, Nubia.

The father, Jorge Barahona, has pleaded not guilty to attempted first-degree murder of the boy, Victor.

Miami-Dade Police Department director James Loftus is holding a news conference Monday afternoon about the latest developments.

The girl's body was found last month in West Palm Beach, wrapped in plastic and doused with a toxic chemical in the back of the truck. Her brother was found in the front seat of the truck, critically burned by a chemical. He was recently released from the hospital.

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Magnitude-6.2 earthquake shakes northern Chile

The quake was centered in Putre, about 40 miles (60 kilometers) east of the port of Arica near the border with Peru, and nearly 1,400 miles (2,200 kilometers) north of the capital, Santiago, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

The quake happened about 9:30 a.m. and had a depth of about 70 miles (110 kilometers), the agency said.

Some people ran out of homes and churches into the streets when they felt the shaking, but there were no reports of injuries, Chile's national emergency agency said.

The agency said later that some adobe homes were damaged in the northern villages of Putre and Belen, and there were rock slides on a road that connects Chile to Bolivia.

Several quakes have rattled northern Chile recently, most of them with a magnitude of 5 or less.

Chilean and foreign scientists have warned that the region is long overdue for a significant quake.

The nation is prone to major earthquakes like the magnitude-8.8 temblor that shook central Chile on Feb. 27, 2010, generating a tsunami and killing 524 people.

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Saturday, March 5, 2011

$430k Love settlement shows tweets can be costly

The singer has agreed to pay Dawn Simorangkir $430,000, plus interest, to settle a lawsuit the designer filed in March 2009 over comments Love made on Twitter and her MySpace blog.

While the case didn't go to a jury, First Amendment experts say it highlights the need for celebrities and average people to watch what they say online.

"People are getting in trouble for Twitter postings on an almost daily basis," said First Amendment Attorney Doug Mirell, a partner at Loeb and Loeb who did not handle the case.

"The laws controlling what is and isn't libelous are the same regardless of the medium in which the statements appear," he said.

Nancy Derwin-Weiss, an attorney who specializes in digital entertainment and advertising law, said the amount was sure to get the attention of stars and their handlers.

"I think it's just a wake up call," she said. "It's something that their advisers should talk to them about."

Simorangkir's attorney, Bryan J. Freedman, predicted the case would spark conversations between celebrities and their advisers.

"The fact is that this case shows that the forum upon which you communicate makes no difference in terms of potential legal exposure," Freedman said. "Disparaging someone on Twitter does not excuse one from liability."

Love's attorney, Jim Janowitz, said the settlement actually saved the rocker money. "This is a case where the economics of the case didn't make a lot of sense for either side," he said, noting that the costs of going to trial would have been large.

Janowitz said he would have argued that Love's statements were opinion and hyperbole, but not libelous, and that Simorangkir's sales rose after Love's tirades.

Derwin-Weiss, a partner at Wildman, Harrold, Allen & Dixon, said the settlement amount was significant.

"It's a number that's not trivial," she said. "It has some heft to it."

Twitter's popularity has skyrocketed in the past year, in part because celebrities interact with fans on a daily basis by posting candid photos, thoughts and even product endorsements.

The widow of grunge rocker Kurt Cobain, Love has gained a reputation on the microblogging service Twitter with her posts, which are occasionally profane and sometimes nonsensical messages on a variety of topics. Several posts have lashed out at attorneys and other individuals who have drawn the musician's ire, with her tweets coming in rapid succession and using every bit of the site's 140 character maximum per post.

Simorangkir sued over several postings written under Love's former Twitter account, courtneylover79, that accused the designer, who is known as Boudoir Queen, of theft and of having a criminal background.

Simorangkir's lawsuit claimed Love became angry with her after she completed five outfits for the singer and sent her a bill.

"Love mounted a malicious campaign to not only terrorize Simorangkir, but to ruin and destroy her reputation and livelihood," Freedman wrote in a May 2009 filing.

The case had been scheduled to go to trial in February, and was expected to be the first in which a jury decides whether a celebrity's Twitter posts could be considered libel.

Freedman confirmed that a settlement had been reached, and said Love's attorneys had hoped to keep it confidential. Love also settled another lawsuit filed by Simorangkir's husband over photos for a nominal amount, Janowitz said.

"In order to show the world the comments were derogatory and completely illegal, it was imperative to my client to have the settlement be public," Freedman said.

The attorney said a public statement will be issued next week, but the monetary settlement that Love is required to pay, reflects the seriousness of the case.

"Personally, I think $430,000 is an appropriate way to say she's sorry," Freedman said.

Mirell said stars need to be cautious about how and what they post online, especially when they're talking about others.

"When you start talking about someone other than yourself, you are beginning to get into dangerous territory," Mirell said.

Janowitz predicted other celebrities are likely to get into trouble over their social media musings.

"Undoubtedly there will be people who do it until it is better understood that this publication, just like anything else, is publication," he said.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pirated Danish yacht, family anchor near Somalia

The family has been moved to a larger ship, and none of the hostages has been harmed, a pirate said.

Later Wednesday, the Danish government said it had established contact with the pirates and their hostages.

"They are doing well under the circumstances," the Foreign Ministry said in a brief statement.

It said a professional security firm was handling negotiations with the pirates, declining to give more details, citing concern for the hostages and their relatives. The statement did not mention anything about a ransom.

A Somali pirate previously warned that if any attempt was made to rescue them, they would meet the same fate as the four American yachters slain by their pirate captors last week. Any chance of a quick rescue seemed to disappear Wednesday.

The sailboat being piloted by Jan Quist Johansen, his wife and their three children, ages 12 to 16, anchored near the coastal village of Hafun late Tuesday, said Yusuf Abdullahi Sanyare, the commissioner of Hafun, which lies on Somalia's northern tip, in a region known as Puntland.

Abdiaziz Mohamud Yusuf, the spokesman for a community group called the Puntland Peacemakers, told The Associated Press that the family has been taken on land.

However, a Somali pirate who gave his name as Muse Abdi said the family was transferred to another, larger pirated ship. He said the family has not been harmed.

"They are safe. They were just transferred from the boat to the big ship," said Abdi, who has provided reliable information in the past. "They have been added to other nationals in another ship to avoid any possible attack."

Denmark says it has established contact with the pirates who captured a Danish yacht in the Indian Ocean and with the Danish family that was taken hostage.

Two adult Danish crew members were also seized in the attack last Thursday on the Johansens' 43-foot sailboat.

Abdi said that no ransom demands have yet been made. He said the pirates aren't criminals but "coast guards." The Somali piracy scourge began when fisherman several years ago tried to scare off international trawlers fishing Somalia's waters.

That trend turned into the modern-day piracy machine. Pirates today hold at least 660 hostages from around 30 ships. The average ransom paid to release a ship and crew has reached close to $5 million.

The Johansen family was aware of the pirate threat in the waters off East Africa, but believed that warships patrolling the waters would protect them, according to entries on their travel blog.

Maritime experts said the Johansens had placed themselves in grave danger off Somalia's lawless coast despite warnings from naval forces struggling to police the area against pirates.

Yusuf, who said he has been contacted by a Danish official in Nairobi, said pirates moved the hostages from the sailboat because of a rumor that a warship was heading to the scene. Yusuf's group has been involved in anti-piracy campaigns.

"We are ready to play our role in the safe release of the innocent family," he said. "We strongly condemn the hijacking of ships and innocent people off Somali waters."

Hostages are held in hot, austere conditions in Somalia — typically for many months — before a ransom is agreed on and paid, and the hijacked ships and crew are released.

Last year a British sailing couple were released after 388 days in captivity. Reports indicated that a ransom in the region of $1 million was paid for their release.

Somalia hasn't had a functioning government since 1991, one of the reasons the piracy trade has flourished.

Abdirizak Ahmed, who heads the anti-piracy program in Puntland, Somalia's semiautonomous northern region, where most pirates are based, was attending a two-day workshop in Denmark this week on the legal aspects of prosecuting pirates.

"On behalf of the Puntland state of Somalia, I want to say that we are very sad about the situation," said Ahmed. "In order to save these people, let us wait. Any action, including military action and we have seen what happened to the American couple a couple of days ago, we don't want that to happen again. ... Let us wait, let us wait, please."


Associated Press writer Jan M. Olsen in Copenhagen, Denmark contributed to this report.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

AP Online Auto Racing News

Bills tender contracts to S Whitner, LB Posluszny

The moves temporarily secure the players' rights, though it's unclear what their status will be under a new collective bargaining agreement after the current one expires on Thursday night.

Tight end Scott Chandler was also tendered a contract by the Bills on Tuesday.

Whitner completed a five-year contract last season, and questioned whether he'd return to Buffalo after negotiations broke down in December. Posluszny completed a four-year deal and has said he's open to re-signing with the Bills.

Chandler joined the Bills in December after being claimed on waivers from Dallas.