Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2012 Audi A6

2012 audi a6 first drive When asked about this, Audi says if you want extroverted wild style, feel free to buy an A7, the automaker's first foray into profitable and grammatically nonsensical "four-door coupe" territory. Audi stops short of calling potential A6 customers conservative (or dull), instead maintaining that these are the sort of folks not looking to make a splash or a statement. They've arrived and you don't need to know about it. Okay then. Still, there's something handsome about Audi's middle child, even though it just doesn't look very new. There's a strong similarity to the outgoing, sixth-generation A6 (making the new car the seventh-generation Audi C segment car, if you believe the pure PR story that the 1968 100 was in fact the first A6). The a2012 audi A6 is an inch shorter, a bit wider and a skosh lighter than what it replaces, and the wheelbase gets a 3-inch stretch. But the styling breaks no new ground. There is some big news: It's lighter.

The sun has barely stood up in the hills near Sant'anna, Sicily, and my driving partner is flinging Audi's newest car, the 2012 A6, from corner to corner with all his considerable might. We're traversing countless switchbacks and sheer cliff drops and I can't help thinking to myself, "What a fabulous road." I'm about to tell my friend and pilot that coming at us around the next bend is what looks to be a bulldozer, when suddenly he's full on the latest Four Ringer's stoppers. Sheep! About two hundred of them! Headed straight for us at the behest of that bulldozer. There the A6 sits, engulfed in a sea of bleating, bell-clanging sheep, the two of us laughing. Maybe this isn't such a hot road after all?

Regardless, it is where Audi has brought me and 800 other journalists to drive their freshest product. If you're getting a small touch of the déjà vu, forgive yourself. Audi, it seems, is hewing harder than ever to the Germanic dictate "one sausage, three lengths." I don't mean to say there's a thing wrong with the A6; just that the new car does seem like a big A4 and/or a small A8. But the A6 looks noticeably more conservative than the A8, a vehicle I feel sports a face only a graphic designer could love. (Or possibly an architect.) The A6 seems to be wearing that same family suit, altered by a new tailor. automobile news

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