Thursday, February 17, 2011

2012 Dodge Charger Car

The all-new 2012 Dodge Charger will once again receive a slight makeover later this fall, although this time it'll get musclecar mascara from Chrysler's Street and Racing Technology (SRT) team. Not only is the new 2012 Dodge Charger SRT8 more powerful than the last go-fast rendition, but according to preliminary test data, it's more efficient, too.
The new SRT8 Charger's improved efficiency is achieved in part by the addition of Chrysler 200 adaptive valve exhaust system and Fuel Saver technology. The latter switches the all-new 6.4-liter Hemi V-8 into a four-cylinder mode that's activated over a wider rpm range, thus minimizing consumption. By exactly how much has yet to be announced, but for a reference point, the last Challenger SRT8 powered by the 6.1-liter V-8 was rated 13/19 mpg city/highway. An active intake manifold and high-lift camshaft on the 2012 Charger SRT8 optimize low-end grunt for even more speed when you want it. 
Chrysler Sebring is dead; long live the Chrysler 200. At least that's what Pentastar folks would like you to think. Why? Because they know you previously have only considered a Sebring when standing at a rental car counter in a Sun Belt state. And while it may be an acceptable "upgrade" for the weekend, you have never seriously considered one for your own garage. And as much as Chrysler wants you to consider its mid-size offering alongside the likes of Camry, Accord, Altima, and Fusion, it knew that couldn't happen when the badge said Sebring.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2012 Audi A6

2012 audi a6 first drive When asked about this, Audi says if you want extroverted wild style, feel free to buy an A7, the automaker's first foray into profitable and grammatically nonsensical "four-door coupe" territory. Audi stops short of calling potential A6 customers conservative (or dull), instead maintaining that these are the sort of folks not looking to make a splash or a statement. They've arrived and you don't need to know about it. Okay then. Still, there's something handsome about Audi's middle child, even though it just doesn't look very new. There's a strong similarity to the outgoing, sixth-generation A6 (making the new car the seventh-generation Audi C segment car, if you believe the pure PR story that the 1968 100 was in fact the first A6). The a2012 audi A6 is an inch shorter, a bit wider and a skosh lighter than what it replaces, and the wheelbase gets a 3-inch stretch. But the styling breaks no new ground. There is some big news: It's lighter.

The sun has barely stood up in the hills near Sant'anna, Sicily, and my driving partner is flinging Audi's newest car, the 2012 A6, from corner to corner with all his considerable might. We're traversing countless switchbacks and sheer cliff drops and I can't help thinking to myself, "What a fabulous road." I'm about to tell my friend and pilot that coming at us around the next bend is what looks to be a bulldozer, when suddenly he's full on the latest Four Ringer's stoppers. Sheep! About two hundred of them! Headed straight for us at the behest of that bulldozer. There the A6 sits, engulfed in a sea of bleating, bell-clanging sheep, the two of us laughing. Maybe this isn't such a hot road after all?

Regardless, it is where Audi has brought me and 800 other journalists to drive their freshest product. If you're getting a small touch of the déjà vu, forgive yourself. Audi, it seems, is hewing harder than ever to the Germanic dictate "one sausage, three lengths." I don't mean to say there's a thing wrong with the A6; just that the new car does seem like a big A4 and/or a small A8. But the A6 looks noticeably more conservative than the A8, a vehicle I feel sports a face only a graphic designer could love. (Or possibly an architect.) The A6 seems to be wearing that same family suit, altered by a new tailor. automobile news

Land Rover Exhibits Its Greenest Models Ever At The 2011 Geneva Motor Show

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automobile news Land Rover's stand at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show will establish this year as one of the most exciting in the brand's history. A hybrid technology showcase, the new Range Rover Evoque in both coupe and 5-door derivatives, and exciting Discovery 4 and Range Rover Limited Editions complete the line-up range rover car

Making its motor show debut is the 'Range_e': Land Rover's diesel hybrid plug-in prototype. The technology-packed 'Range_e' is one of several working prototypes currently being developed at Land Rover's design and engineering centre in the UK. 2012 bmw series 6 

'Range_e' is based on a Range Rover Sport and features a 3.0-litre TDV6 dieselwith an eight-speed ZF automatic transmission. Matched with a plug-in parallel diesel hybrid system it offers a premium SUV that can run as a pure electric vehicle. The 'Range_e' is the first capable 4WD model from Land Rover to achieve 89g of CO2. It has an EV range of 20 miles, a top speed of around 120mph and a range of 690 miles.

Taking centre stage will be the new Range Rover Evoque with both coupe and 5-door derivatives. On press day (1 March 2011), Land Rover will be announcing full European pricing (excluding UK) and will be showing a range of exciting options available, giving Range Rover Evoque customers the opportunity to create a vehicle that is truly tailored to them. toyota car news

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tesla Motors Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2010 Results

Tesla Motors, Inc. today announced its preliminary unaudited financial results for the quarter and year ended December 31, 2010. Revenues for the fourth quarter of 2010 were $36.3 million, a 16% increase from the $31.2 million reported in the prior quarter. Gross margin improved to 31%, up from 30% for the prior quarter. On a full year basis, 2010 revenues were $116.7 million as compared with revenues of $111.9 million reported in the prior year. Gross margin improved to 26% for the full year 2010, up from 9% for 2009. automobile news
"Our powertrain team delivered solid results, with an increase in orders and record deliveries of battery packs and chargers for the Daimler Smart fortwo electric drive, the completion of our development program for the Daimler A-Class, and the commencement of the phase 1 development program for the Toyota RAV4 EV." car news

"We are very pleased to report continued revenue growth, improving margins and a steady progression in our Roadster and powertrain activities," said Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors. "Our powertrain team delivered solid results, with an increase in orders and record deliveries of battery packs and chargers for the Daimler Smart for two electric drive, the completion of our development program for the Daimler A-Class, and the commencement of the phase 1 development program for the Toyota RAV4." tesla motor news

Small garbage Compactor

Oftentimes the Small garbage Compactor is best utilized in situations:

1) where there is very limited space and there is no room to store a liftcart.
2) where there is a very short distance to the dumpster
3) where the compactor can be emptied on a periodic basis (before the compactor signals full) so that the trash weight is easily manageable and allows for easy transport by hand to the dumpster. commercial garbage compactor

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

1998 Chevy Silverado

This truck was built with a 4.3-liter V-6 engine that had a bore of 4 inches, a stroke of 3.48 inches and a compression ratio of 9.2-to-1. This engine produced 200 horsepower and 260 feet-pounds of torque, 2012 honda civic with a maximum towing capacity of 5,000 lbs. It had four disc brakes and an anti-lock brake system. It was built with a wishbone front suspension and a beam rear suspension. With a gross weight of 6,200 lbs., this truck had a wheelbase length of 141.5 inches and exterior dimensions of 218 inches (length), 76.8 inches (width) and 73 inches (height). With its 34-gallon fuel tank, this truck had an EPA estimated fuel economy of 16 mpg in the city and 21 mpg on the highway. 2011 cadillac cts review

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