Sunday, November 7, 2010

The NASCAR Car Wash Company Signs with Richard Miller of Sierra Car Wash to Own and Operate NASCAR Branded Car Wash Sites in Northern Nevada and Northern California

The NASCAR Car Wash Company (NCW), exclusive developer of NASCAR themed car washes emerging in North America and the U.S. territories, has entered into an agreement with Richard Miller of Sierra Car Wash, a Northern California and Nevada enterprise, to reflag, build and operate car wash locations under the NASCAR Car Wash brand along the I-80 corridor of Northern Nevada and from the southern border of Oregon to mid state of California over the next 5-6 years. This market can accommodate 50-60 NASCAR branded washes.

The NASCAR Car Wash Company is an exclusive partner working with NASCAR to create a vast network of NASCAR branded car washes. The first such locations are expected to open in early 2011.

Richard Miller remarked, "We view NASCAR as a great brand from which to develop a strong and high quality car wash experience. Over the last 20 years we have strived to deliver a superior car wash product, in great locations at a terrific value. We are pleased to join with the NASCAR team to further the development of this exceptional car wash brand."

In keeping with NASCAR's legacy as one of the most powerful and highly-respected American brands, NASCAR Car review Washes will offer speed, high quality, innovation and design that will quickly establish NCW as the market share leader. 

Daniel Dyer, the Chairman and CEO of NCW, is quoted as saying, "Richard is a fantastic operator, and we think he's the perfect fit for what we are doing. Richard knows how to treat his customers, he has a great team in place, and we are excited to roll forward with him. We encourage anyone with a car wash tunnel in the Northern California market to contact Richard to learn how partnering with us by reflagging their existing wash can be a terrific opportunity."

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