Friday, October 29, 2010

Mazda is extending its 'small fleet focus' with the roll-out of the Business
Development Programme launched earlier this year to a further 20 franchise
dealers. The scheme initially involved 19 franchise dealers across the UK
covering '32 areas of influence' and has so far generated more than 200 company
car orders taken from sub-50 fleets. By the end of the first 12 months of the
Programme (April 2011) – Mazda forecasts incremental orders for 820 company cars
from businesses operating less than 50 vehicles. automobile news
Still in its early stages, the new scheme, which sees franchise dealers working
in tandem with an outsourced specialist sales team, has been hailed by Mazda
fleet director Peter Allibon and participating franchise dealers as a great
success. automobile news
Phase one of the initiative was mainly focused on encouraging large franchise
dealer groups, which already had a business-to-business structure and covered
multiple locations in major conurbations, to participate. Now, phase two is
focused on signing up more dealer groups with multiple outlets as well as
individual franchise dealers located in major towns or cities where there is a
desire to develop local fleet business.
"The feedback from the first wave of dealers has been very positive," confirms
Allibon. "They are delighted that a frontline vehicle manufacturer is working
hand-in-hand with them to develop fleet business. As a result, more dealers are
now approaching us to join the programme. 2013 audi a6 review

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