Tuesday, October 26, 2010

the 370Z Roadster

Many on staff have been enjoying the top-down sportiness of the 370Z Roadster. The seat heaters and coolers were given high marks, making it easier to work on a tan while making full use of the transmission's synchro-rev-matching feature. This Nissan also got high marks for its power, steering, and handling. And while it's harder to hear the excellent stereo with the top stowed, putting the top up reveals some shortcomings with the Z. As is the case with many drop-tops, visibility is poor and there's too much tire noise. And, as associate Web editor Kirill Ougarov explains, "Unlike the superpowered seat heaters, the seat coolers seem to operate normally. While the trunk is comically small, it's partitioned and you don't have to worry about the top crushing your cargo as it comes down." A small price to pay for the pleasure of driving a RWD two-seat roadster with a manual transmission.

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